The Puppy Series Box Set

And the Puppy Howls Box Set, The Puppy Series Box Set

Three Books, One Story

... and no book is about a dog.


When Eric’s life fell apart, he bought a puppy. Now, collected together, read the acclaimed first three books in Eric’s journey with his new friend through "Leaving Las Vegas" meets "Madagascar" dystopian America; a journey to pick himself back up, a trip through 21st Century America where lives blend in confusion, loss, death, and renewal.

One by one, Eric had lost everything, gonno was his health, his life. Eric was dead on a table for a while there, dead. Once revived, by the joys and miracles of medical science, and established in recovery, gonno was his lover, gonno was his previous canine best friend, Ziggy, and then gonno… Everything, all of it, gonno, one by one, all, until Eric had nothing left but his house in Miami and the memories that haunted it. So, first, a new, yowling, howling, puppy was procured, and next for Eric, to stand, up, and finally movement, forward.

A journey begun, a journey taken.

This is the story of being hit, "splat", by everything modern American life can throw at you, and then… who, and what, comes next.


E. P. Lee, Stuff, And the Puppy Ain't Here Yet


5.0 Stars out of 5

Format Kindle Edition

“Are you c-r-a-z-y-? $5.99 is such a bargain for 3 good reads. That’s all the review you need. I can't stop recommending this to friends and family... totally worth the read!”

M. C.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Format Kindle Edition

“Great Stuff. You don't buy books because they are good value but sometimes it has to be said that a book or in this case BOOKS are worth every cent. If you haven’t encountered these titles before there has never been a better opportunity! “


5.0 stars out of 5 stars

Format Kindle Edition

“I was quite touched by these stories, all of which are linked, and which draw out the pain of loss and the reinstatement of a new ‘norm’. The author takes his story – make no mistake, these three books are all one story – and twists it into different forms, much like the shape shifting that goes on among us as a community. It is a clever trick and a fine way of looking at a story from different angles.

W. R.

5.0 stars out of 5 stars

Format Kindle Edition

“I have read EP LEE’S books before and I will read them again. This is a real good intro to him.”.

L. A.

5.0 stars out of 5 stars

Format: Kindle Edition

“Very Good. What a clever collection of books to read. How can I not be impressed by this clever story? Very good."


5.0 stars out of 5 stars

Format Kindle Edition

“I like this guy. He writes good books.”

El. N.



And the Puppy Howls, And the Puppy Howls No Longer, And the Puppy Ain't a Puppy No More And the Puppy Ain't Here Yet, And the Dog Barks..., And the Dog Barks On... And the Dog Barks On and ON... Some More... And the Dog Barks On... Still..., Still Barking... And the Dog Barks On Some More...