The Barking Dog Box Set

E. P. Lee, The Barking Dog Box Set, Stuff

This is a story of a journey of recovery and growth through a dystopian "Leaving Las Vegas" meet " Madagascar" America; talk about falling down a rabbit hole. This is the story of starting a new life in a modern America no one could have imagined before it occurred.

Mark Twain said:

"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn't. "

Eric’s on a journey, a journey through modern America, living his 21st Century adult fairy tale existence with Freud, his full-grown French bulldog, barking at his heels every step of the way. A journey means moving on, change, and after years of loss, is Eric ready for change? And there’s a lot of change to catch up on ~ re-imagination and re-invention are rife all around him in an America that’s changing almost faster than he can adapt.


Despite being faced with a sea of "modern" people: e-people, gamesters, the simply weird, the duplicitous, liars, thieves, hustlers, the cheats of the modern world, despite these times of division, with modern America at war with itself, despite all that’s in the past, "memories", Eric’s gonna move forward ~ ain’t no stopping him now. 

As yesterday drifts away, and tomorrow becomes today, The Barking Dog series begins and journeys forward.


E. P. Lee, And the Puppy Ain't Here Yet, Stuff