And the Dog Barks On... Still...

And the Dog Barks On... Still... E. P. Lee, Stuff

Still standing, Eric’s come through the marshes of ever morphing "Leaving Las Vegas" meets "Madagascar" modern, dystopian America to stand here, NOW, on his own two feet. But who’s to say he’s got a steady footing? Crack… and the ground might split in two and swallow him up.


There’s Eric standing totteringly upright trying to keep it together as this time of division, upheaval, and tragedy threatens to tear all away. It’s a rending time for America, and for Eric. Do you fall apart in times like these, or stick together? In modern America, in a time of demarcation and for some despair, is it time to give up or press forward? This part of the journey through a "21st Century Adult Fairy Tale" feels less "Fairy Tale" than ever before. "And (yet), "the Dog Barks On… Still..."




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