On His Birthday - A Joke

                       A Birthday Treat


On his birthday a Wife treats her Husband to an evening out at a Strip Club.

As they enter the Doorman says:

“Hi Jim.

Good to see you…

How’s it be?”

 Jim relies:



 And his wife asks querulously:


He knows you?”

And Jim says:


We play Tuesday night pick-up football together…”

And just as the happy couple reaches the bar… the Bartender says:

 “Hi Jim…

The usual?”

And Jim says to his wife:

“Before you ask…

He’s on the darts team at the Rotary…”

As the last word leaves Jim’s lips a stripper walks over and says:


                             You want that special again?”

Now the Wife has had enough!

She grabs her Husband by his shirt collar and storms out of the Club and into a Taxi waiting at the curb outside. As they enter the cab, Taxi Driver looked into his rear view mirror and said:

“Hey Jimmy Boy! 

               You really picked up an ugly one this time…”

                              Jim’s Funeral is Sunday.