And the Puppy Howls No Longer


And the Puppy Howls No Longer

A 21st Century Adult Fairy Tale Continued


And the Puppy Howls No Longer, E. P. Lee


The puppy is housebroken; it howls, yowls, and whines no longer, which is more than can be said for the rest of Eric’s self-made family.

Post-surgery, Eric is back in the land of the living, in dystopian “Leaving Las Vegas” meets “Madagascar” 21st century America, where he’s healing, mourning, and learning to walk, see, and be again – and the living drive him nuts; his friends, family, the Ex. While he was out of it, they’ve been odd at best, and self-centered, ego-centric, selfish, maniacs at worst. But that’s a modern family today.


Now Eric has to push forward regardless of them, sell his home, heal his wounds, and move on with his life; wherever it heads next.

“And the Puppy Howls No Longer” continues the story of getting back up after being hit by everything modern American life can throw; splat.

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