There's an old expression:

"It Ain't Over Until the Fat Lady Sings." 

So where the hell is that effing "Fat Lady"?

2020 Election, Donald Trump, E.P. Lee

 I so want this opera to end. I want it to be OVER. This entire performance has been interminable, elongated (actually, it's been intolerably drawn out), repetitious, boring, with a totally over the top, bloated, blustery, performance on the part of one lead; along with a one sided storyline of no credible substance. Oft times it’s a storyline of pure poppycock at best, bold lies at worst; balderdash and bunkum in toto. Grimm's Fairytales had a better grasp on reality than this…   

    2020 Election, E.P. Lee 2020 election, E. P. Lee 2020 election, E.P. Lee

  … and the characters created by Grimm were better dressed and prettier to boot. This cast of characters is downright hideous, just look at the lead Fat Lady.

2020 election, Trump, E.P. Lee


I so want it over.


This opera, the 2020 Election, started in earnest in 2016...

2020 Election/2016 election, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, E. P. Lee

... when Donald Trump won the presidency over Hillary Clinton. Over the next four years The Donald played over the American/World stage as if he was the supreme Divo of the ages. He was the big rooster in the barnyard for sure, the biggest “cock” if you will, that the farm had ever seen…

 2020 election, E. P. Lee, Donald Trump

 … but this is a musical metaphor so I’ll stop with the barnyard allusions.

The Donald was off and running for his second term as he was being inaugurated for his first term and he never stopped running for the office once. His entire 4-year presidency was a series of staged events using the oval office, podiums, gardens, lawns and balconies...

2020 election, Donald Trump, E.P. Lee 2020 election, Donald Trump, E. P. Lee 2020 election, Donald Trump, Balcony, E. P. Lee


... of the White House as stage sets so that he could perform for his audience, his devoted loyal fans, and, unfortunately, for the rest of America and the world.

Not even Evita used a balcony for political effect so well.  

2020 election, Donald Trump, Power, Imagery

Not ever...

All of America (including me), saw it all, all of his performances, and daily.  The media NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX covered every performance… 

2020 election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, E. P. Lee
... and some, specifically El Divo’s acolytes on FOX...
                                                                                      2020 Election, Donald Trump, E. P. Lee
.... gave each appearance a rousing ovation.
Enough already.

The 2020 Election was over a while ago. 

2020 election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, E. P. Lee

 Mercifully, all of the incessant political advertisements, with their Republican lies, and El Divo’s bluster, are off the media airwaves; they’ve ceased.

              2020 election, Donald Trump, E. P. Lee   2020 election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, E.P. Lee   2020 election, Joe Biden, E. P. Lee

 More importantly the opera seemingly had a happy ending…

2020 election, Joe Biden, E. P. Lee

… mostly (more on that another time).  The short story is that the good guy, the Democrat, Joe Biden, vanquished the evil villain, the Republican, the big Divo, Trump. It all played out in true, over-long, way drawn out, opera fashion as the vote count went on, and on, and on, and on, with ups, and downs, and seeming winners, and seeming losers, to a final resolute reversal of fortunes, and finally victory for the Democrat.

2020 election, Joe Biden, E. P. Lee 



Except El Divo refuses to leave the stage.

2020 election, Donald Trump, E. P. Lee

 El Divo has been screaming at the top of his lungs (TWEETING in all CAPS actually), that the opera isn’t over. El Divo claims, baselessly, with no evidence at all, that the election was rife with fraud and that he won a massive… MASSIVE… victory.

And today, still, El Divo refuses to relinquish the stage.
2020 election performances, Donald Trump, E. P. Lee


Even as the opera house spotlights turn elsewhere El Divo screams louder, and louder. His performance on the opera house stage goes on, and on. Daily El Divo throws spectacular acts of resistance by repeatedly refusing to concede defeat, or by firing the Secretary of Defense and other high level national security officials…

2020 election, Donald Trump, E. P. Lee

 … or by sending outrageous, insidious, mendacious, nefarious TWEETS to his adoring fans. And the media is a captive audience of his performances today, as is the rest of America. Perhaps the media has moved from the best seats in the opera house to standing room in the far 2nd balcony, but the media must attend still. 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, E. P. Lee

The media must report on these performances, perhaps a tad grudgingly now, but they must attend and critique all of these various, lame duck (that barnyard thing again, sorry), performances by El Divo as this is opera is playing out in the grandest opera house in the land, the White House.

How will it end?

When will it end?

Where in hell is that effing Fat Lady? 

2020 election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, E. P. Lee

 Sing already!