The Magic That Is Marilyn

Daily it’s all about political control in America; and the issues are sharply pointed. Oft times the point is pointing the wrong way, to the past. Here we have an American Icon from the past, Marilyn Monroe, who more than a half-century after her death couldn’t be a more potent image for the betterment of the fortunes of the Republican Party as it strives for control and power in the present.

And why you ask?




Family Values

Family Values

Marilyn Monroe stands for good old:

American Family Values.


Marilyn today is as much a traditional “American family values” icon as apple pie and Chevrolet!       

         Apple Pie American Values, Family Values Chevrolet, American Values, Standards Apple Pie, Chevrolet, Mom, Traditional American values

Marilyn is wholesome good stuff by comparison to today’s cache of current sex symbols. Ms. Monroe is apple pie wholesome by comparison, no question about it!           

               Marilyn Monroe, Girl next door  Girl Next Door, Marilyn Monroe Girl Next Door, America's girlfriend, Fantasy Girlfriend, fantasy wife

Never forget that Marilyn was the epitome of sexuality in the G-rated 1950’s American cultural universe where all of our current battery of Republican leaders come from. Marilyn was desired back then, even though, at most, she was PG-rated. Marilyn was like a WWII pin-up poster, a value worth fighting for, like that apple pie, that Chevrolet, and the:

“American WAY”.                                              

American way, American Values, traditional values

Today the most famous movie visual of Marilyn still out there, a picture of Marilyn standing on a subway grate as the air from below rushes up and her white skirt billows exposing her completely opaque panties and perfect legs. That picture roars sex to some people.

It just roars:        

                     SEX, Idol, Marilyn Monroe, HOT, beautiful, Icon



That picture roars sex, desire, and eroticism to people of a certain age and ilk.

And it’s not even PG-rated.

How unlike today where Kim Kardashian full involvement sex tapes, and Paris Hilton blowjob videos rule the Internet airwaves.                                              

CELEBRITIES, PORN STARS, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton
Imagine, Marilyn as a sex object today fully clothed, and doing nothing but standing there, just standing there, a woman, fully clothed, simply standing there, her skirt billowing upwards in the breeze.


How passé, how American, how traditional, how1950’s.


A blast from the past…


icon, blast from the past, Marilyn Monroe 

"A Blast From the Past".

The past...



Marilyn makes the Republicans sexy.

Where Number (1) above is about “family values” that were, “a blast from the past”, Number (2) is about sex here and now.

SEX. Republicans, Family Values, Morals  SEX, Women for Trump. Republican Women Family Values, Porn, low morals, Republicans

Sex pure and simple…

Marilyn Monroe epitomized sex in a “G”-rated, black and white celluloid world.

SEX, Monroe, American Values, blast from the past

And Marilyn never did anything outside the mainstream. Marilyn never went to a sex club, or appeared in leather with a whip like Cher or Madonna. Better yet there are no staged pictures of Marilyn holding a whip, while wearing chains, a camouflage print military bustier, and crotchless red panties while standing over a cowering overweight middle-aged man in an “X”-rated though, soft core, porn video.                                      

Sex, Monroe, blast from the past, G-rated, American Values

Marilyn epitomized sexuality and sex without ever doing anything explicitly sexual or outré on screen, think of the hit movies: “Some Like It Hot”, or “The Seven Year Itch, nothing outré there in any of them.

Marilyn was always demure, yet Marilyn was always reeked sexuality.


Marilyn, Republican, Sex Object, traditional values
And well... Marilyn was always:


Marilyn Monroe, Style, Sex, traditional American values, Republicans

And the Republican Party is anything but sexy today, so it needs Marilyn to give it resonance with the older white Men of a certain age that constitute its base, and to tell their consorts, those older white women, how to hold on to their men.

The Republican Party needs Marilyn to spice things up, like cayenne pepper added in to a bland chili. Add enough cayenne in and you forget to look for the “beef”. And that’s the whole point, there ain’t no “beef” in Republican policies, there ain’t no substance. There’s certainly no American equality for all. So the Republicans need Marilyn to lend her substance, her image, to their positions in the same way she added substance to all of the sex she didn’t have on screen.

Marilyn, Republican Image, sex, Politics, American values 
And all of it resonates just the same way cayenne pepper adds heat to that bland chili.



C’est vrai.

Mais non?



What Women Want. 

What women want, Marilyn, Icon, Traditional American valuess Fantasy, Marilyn Monroe, Republican Sex Object, American Icon.Republican sex icon, Marilyn Monroe, Politics, Traditional American Values

Marilyn reminds women of what they want from men, how to get it, how to keep it, and which men will give it to them. Monroe supposedly desired men of a certain stature, mindset, and position.

Just think of the roles she played in the:

“Prince and The Showgirl”.                                             

Sex, Icon, Desire, Republican Men, Traditional American Values

Or in:

“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”.                                   

MARILYN MONROE, Traditional American values, sex symbol, Icon, Republican values
All Republican men in power, like the recently departed, Roger Ailes, or the still living, oft married, Newt Gingrich, or the three time wed Rudy Giuliani, or our current thrice married President, think that women want those same things today:




Gold digger, Republican Values, Misogyny, Sex for Money Gold digger, Icon, Republican Values, Monroe, Icon Republican Values, Traditional American Values, American Politics, Misogyny

The Republican Party could be 100% correct in that belief, as a lot of American women certainly voted that way in the last election. Many mid-western, southern, and western state American women voted for pudgy, rich, pseudo professional, Caucasian men, politicians over the age of 55. Just look at who the women of America voted into office in the last Federal election cycle, just look…

Republican Party, TRUMP, Traditional American Values, Misogyny

… why it’s lots and lots of WHITE men from the 1940's, 50’s and 60’s (and their disciples), and most of these men are portly, only somewhat educated, usually over tailored, bigoted, loud mouthed, misogynous, lying, moneyed, and privileged; as in they inherited their position and wealth. Just look at every Committee Chairman in the current Republican controlled Senate and House; there’s not one woman present, not one person of color. All of them are just like the Caucasian Father Figures Marilyn supposedly hungered for.

It was common knowledge way back then that Marilyn was a gold digger and that all she wanted was money, security, jewels and to be idolized, at least that’s what these Republican Men think that Marilyn (and through Marilyn, all women), wanted and want.

           Republican Women, traditional American Values, Marriage, Icon. Sex, Marilyn Monroe

And that perfectly describes what the current Republican Party thinks of women today. Just look at The Donald, anyone remember Marla Maples, or Ivanka, or that Access Hollywood  VIDEO from not too long ago. The Donald knows his women, and what they want. It’s a proven fact that a majority of women voted for him 2016.

Traditional American Values. Misogyny, TRUMP Traditional Republican Values,  TRUMP, Misogyny,  Traditional American Values. Misogyny, TRUMP




The Woman of Yesteryear 

       American Womanhood, Image, Republican Wives, Fantasy, Marilyn Monroe, Traditional American Values   American Womanhood, Image, Republican Wives, Fantasy, Marilyn Monroe, Traditional American Values American Womanhood, Image, Republican Wives, Fantasy, Marilyn Monroe, Traditional American Values

The Republican Party wants to return America to a quieter bygone age, to yesteryear. And Marilyn represents the beautiful American “woman of yesteryear”. Marilyn, the 1950’s sex pistol, gorgeous, dumb, never to muddle in important stuff “woman” is what the brilliant, forward thinking clown leaders of the Republican Party want to see returned to the fore of American womanhood.


Marilyn as “every woman” that was.

              American Woman, fantasy, icon, traditional American values,  Republican Values, Politics

Marilyn, a woman, who looked good, knew her place, and stayed:

“naked and barefoot”

… in the kitchen.

A woman who was always ready.



Ready to vote Republican.

Marilyn as an icon of yesteryear.



Male Control of Female Bodies 

(#5 is so Muslim, so Bedouin lifestyle, and so 21st Century American REPUBLICAN Party.)

Marilyn needed help, after all she died of a drug overdose, Marilyn died nude and alone in bed, neither the Pulitzer prize winning playwright husband Arthur Miller, nor Joe DiMaggio the uber famous baseball player, were by her side.

Male domination, female dependency, Traditional American values,  Male domination, female dependency, Traditional American values, Marilyn Monroe Male domination, female dependency, Traditional American values, Marilyn Monroe,

Marilyn, dead, alone.                                        

Marilyn Monroe, Women's frailty, male domination, male superiority

And the American Republican Party wants to protect and help all women, as all women need to be helped and protected.

Male superiority, male domination, female weakness

If all women are left to their own devices; to make their own decisions about their own bodies, their own healthcare; ipso facto all women will wind up dead, like Marilyn. Or the women would wind up alone, bleeding to death from “somewhere”.

… (Thank you for that present day illusion Donald, thank you.) …

And probably nude.




So who better to make all of the right decisions for women on birth control, abortion, pap smears, breast cancer, and any and all other issues of the vagina than 55-year-old portly, sometimes fat, somewhat educated, over tailored, bigoted, loud mouthed, misogynous, lying, moneyed, privileged white male father figure Republican politicians?                                                

Republican Male Superiority, male domination, Politics, Misogyny

Who better?

Republican Values, Politics, Male Domination,

Marilyn died because she made all of these decisions for herself and now we have the REPUBLICAN PARTY that will work diligently to spare female lives because they’re going to do it all better.


Republican Values, Politics, Male Domination,

Marilyn might still be alive today if a Republican had been in control of the Whitehouse when she died and not a Democrat.

But that’s another story I suppose.

And a lot of south, mid-west, and western state men, and women in America, seem to agree, at least they vote that way.                                                           

Republican Control of America, Traditional American Values, Politics, 2016 election

So the Republican Party can use the magic that is Marilyn Monroe to put its brand in front of the insecure, uneducated, unprotected, cloying, manipulative, gold digging women that we all know are out there, all over America, and get them to vote Republican.


And the Republican Party can use the Magic that is Marilyn to add sex, heat, spice, and excitement to their platform of governance for the nation, and men, will rally round.

C’est Vrai.

Mais non?


Marilyn Monroe Marliyn Monroe, Icon, Marilyn Monroe, Sex Symbol, Family Values

The Magic of Marilyn…



And we’re stuck with those Republicans.