Women Suck REDUX... Part II


Women Suck... REDUX... Part II 

 White Women, 2016 Election


Women Suck...

My ears are still burning; it was touch and go for a bit before,

Damn was she pissed…


But she’s stopped yelling at me now, and that’s a good thing. She seems over it, she still thinks I’m off base with my thoughts, with my stated comments. She still says that I’m not placing the blame on the:

“real culprits”

… as she sees them, all the “White Men

 White Men, 2016 election

 … who voted for Trump by a huge majority in 2016, 27% I think, but she’s stopped screaming at me.

Not screaming at me any longer, a good thing that, a good thing.

But the issue that started this all, my blaming Women (“White Women”) specifically, for all that went down in the 2016 election, for the complete, and total, victory of:


that hasn’t gone away.                                         

 White Women, Trump, 2016 Election


I said casually (and foolishly, I suppose), over morning coffee just before, that El Trumpo won the Presidency, and his fascist, fanatical, misogynist Republican Tea Party acolytes the House and Senate (and 67% of all the Statehouses too in 2016), because a majority of “White Women”, some 52% of them, voted for those dudes over Hillary and her Democratic Party cohorts. 

          White Women White Women, 2016 Election White Women, 2016 Election, Trump

And she went:


But no matter her reaction, it’s 100% true, by a margin of 52 to 48% White Women supported:

 Mr. “Grab’ Em by the Pussy” Trump

… and his fanatical bandwagon of Family Values cohorts over the female candidate Hillary and her Democratic Party standard bearers.


“To the Victor go the Spoils…” 

Victors, Spoils, Republican's, Trump Victors, SPoils, Trump Victors, Spoils, Politics
… and hoo boy did everything get spoilt!




But no matter her lingering irritation with me over that “blame” responsibility I threw out there, or the screaming on her part, she’s calmer with me now; she’s still breathing heavy when she looks in my direction, but she’s no longer salivating profusely and staring at me as if she’s waiting to take a big bite out of my derriere when I’m not looking.

Big Bite, Shame, Guilt

I’m kind of safe for the moment, physically, I suppose…


Perhaps she’s remembered that I am amongst the converted, that I believe in all that she believes in 100%:


… equality under the law for all people in the world, certainly for those people here, in America, where “equality” is the:

law of the land”

…we live in. I support individual legal, financial, and moral EQUALITY!

“Equality” for all…                   

                Equality, We the people Equality, Constitution
No ifs, buts, or ands for me on any of this. I believe that "all" people are equal to one another in American society under the law.


But here’s the rub…

... they’re actually not.

As a white male, I’ve gone through most of my life inured to the slings and arrows the dark skinned, male or female, the white female of any derivation, the speech accented, the “other” oriented, or the in any way different from the norm, “odd person out”, were treated to. I was asked where my “vestigial horns” were by a lifeguard at a pool in Utah one July Fourth Holiday long ago when I was swimming in a Speedo. That lifeguard dude knew I was Jewish, so I must have had vestigial horns” someplace, his Bible said so, and he wanted to see them.

Equality, racism, difference

And then there was the time, just before that, where I was stared at by a clerk in my College Registrar’s Office as I attempted to pick up a Federal education subsidy stipend that she had previously only seen go to Americans of color, there were no poor:

“white people”

… getting that money back then in her experience.     

entitlements, white privilege, benefits
So she stared, and stared, and stared at me. And when I asked: 

“Pour quoi?”

… she told me.

I was certainly the “odd man out” those times. I certainly felt odd then. But I was actively denied nothing either time, or stymied, or taken advantage of. I could have been more directly affected I suppose. I could have been ordered out of the pool, ordered away from the children playing in the water nearby...

... or worse...


... those monies could have been willfully withheld from me. But they weren’t, and I wasn’t impacted in any way except I had to answer some odd questions I had never been faced with before.                                                        

White privilege, equality, spoils 
So my attitudes were never challenged. I went forward then, just as I do today, committed to equality, never thinking I wasn’t equal. Thusly empowered in my equality I went forward with:

Impeach Tricky Dicky Nixon”.                                          

Nixon, Impeach, Culture Wars
Just as I march forward with:
Down with Donald Trump, The Republican Party, False, Traditional, Family Values, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, Aziz Ansari, Michael Douglas, Dustin Hoffman, et al…” 
... today.
Trump, Culture Wars, 2016 election, White Women Culture Wars, White Women, Republicans Culture Wars, Republicans, White WomenMe Too, Culture Wars, White Women

Down with any of them, all of them…



I believe that context, and circumstance matter, like are Aziz, Michael, and Dustin in the same league of guilt and crime as Harvey, Kevin, and Donald. And In politics I believe that context, negotiation, and compromise matter, and a lot. I believe that those elements have a viable place in what’s going on in society today. But today’s political factions (Democrat/Republican, Democrat/Progressive, or Republican/Conservative) won’t so much as speak to each other civilly, let alone negotiate with each other to reach a consensus on how to move society forward. 


When Civil Rights Legislation was enacted by Congress into law in 1965 so started the Culture Wars; the Culture Wars were/are a peaceful replay of the Civil War fought physically some 100 plus years before.           

     Culture Wars Culture Wars Culture Wars

Only Guns are not fired on battlefields this go around; these battles for the heart and soul of the nation are fought at courthouses and ballot boxes all around the land. Here, the supporters of the Left (the Democrats), and the supporters of the Right (the Republicans), are vociferous, loud, and strident in their verbal demands to protect what they hold dear.      

Culture Wars, Spoils, Republicans Me Too, Culture Wars, RepublicansRepublicans, Culture Wars, Victory, Spoils
Slowly, over decades, a resurgent Conservative Republican South reared up its electoral muscle by painstakingly mouthing off a God fearing, societally reassuring mantra to the nation’s WHITE public over, and over, again. And that oft repeated mantra struck a chord of acceptance with the nervous white female voters and the economically challenged white male voters in the ideological, and physical, center of America. And by striking that chord, over, and over, and over, again, The Dark Side Republicans gained control of governments local, state, and national.
Culture Wars, Republicans. Victory, Spoils
I think I get some of that Republican Dark Side appeal.

Some of it…

The fringes of the two parties always scream the loudest; and those loud screams of the Democratic Left scare the center much more than the screams of the far right. Indeed the words of the far right are oft deemed to be reassuring, not challenging.

What with the Democrats loudly screaming out to protect UNDOCUMENTED Immigrants who are mostly people of color who came to the United States illegally, and of course are portrayed by the Republican Right as at worst:

“rapists, drug dealers, and criminals”…                        

White Privilege, White Men. Republicans, Victory, Spoilss

… and at best as taking jobs, government services, and money, away from legitimate AMERICAN citizens.

And so the center writhed back then.

And then there are the Left’s chants for societal justice after the Ferguson, Missouri Riots in 2014:

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”

              Equality, Social Justice, Police Brutality Equality, Social Justice, Police Brutality Equality, Social Justice, Police Brutality, 2020 election
… against perceived WHITE Police brutality that may, or may not, have occurred as it was portrayed in the Liberal media…
White privilege, Equality, SOcial Justice, Oppression


Just what was a woman to think?

Or vote?

And so, “many” women, those “White Women” in the center of America, kept voting for the “White Men” they thought could best protect them from all of the upheaval lurking in the shadows.

White Privilege, Victors, Spoils, 2016 election 


I don’t see any security in the “Family Values” bullshit that the Republicans roll out there all the time, but White Women in the center of America keep falling for it over, and over, and over again…
White Privilege, White Women, 2016 election, spoils, entitlements, victors
… for more than 50 years now.


So like I said before, it’s all their fault.


She’s screaming again…


White Privilege, White Men, fear
I’d better watch my butt.