Harvey, Kevin, and Donald... The Three D's...

Harvey, Kevin, and Donald…


The Three D’s…  

“The Three D’s”...

...sounds like a singing group from the 1960's, Diana, Florence, whomsoever, redux. 

But it ain’t that trite, or banal.


This be bad stuff these “Three D’s” above, bad stuff.

The “Three D’s”




In her presidential campaign, Hillary used one of those words, “deplorable”, and correctly, to describe about 1/6 of the American population as "misogynist/racist/xenophobic". And Hillary lost that 2016 election by a scooch. The Donald, he who is named above, and is the epitomized definition of “The Three D’s”, won that 2016 election by that same tiny margin.


The depraved, the despicable, the deplorable…




Some definitions, all from Webster’s on-line dictionary:


morally corrupt; wicked.”


“deserving hatred and contempt.”


“deserving strong condemnation.”

Yet the Three D’s” won the 2016 election.

And today we have Harvey (Weinstein), Kevin (Spacey), and The Donald (Trump) all united together in one group:

“The Three D’s”.

No one can reasonably argue that the behavior Harvey is accused of ain’t depraved, despicable, or deplorable. And one must condemn Kevin if he is guilty of abuse of his various high positions for personal gain in a similar fashion.


And could any sentient human being not condemn The Donald for a lifetime of the same bad behavior as defined above:

Mr. “Grab’ em by the pussy”...

Donald Trump

"The Donald"...




OK then, moving on…

Society heaped judgement down on Hillary for her mouthing off about "deplorable" behavior:

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the Basket of Deplorables…” 

A really bad misspeak on her part that one; kind of like one of the:

“Inconvenient Truths


… misspoke by Al Gore as he ran for the Presidency at the turn of this new century and handed the world as we knew it then to George W. Bush. What is it with the loose tongues of senior Democratic politicians that their words rally the American voting populace to endorse the moralistic absurdities, personal lies, and bad behavior of the Republican Party?

Why is it so?

But back in September 2016 when Hillary "misspoke" the above “deplorable” statement about a 1/6th segment of American population, she spoke the truth.



Here’s the math:

If The Donald had 36% of voter support nationwide, at the time of the election, similar to his ardent support remaining today, and half of his supporters were in Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables” then 18% of America, or some 59,000,000 of our 326,000,000-person nation, were quantified as:



And truthfully, I think that 59,000,000 figure is light on the count.


It was support from those “Deplorables”, and some, perhaps not half, but "some" of them, would be women...

... (Even if it was only "some" women who voted for him, it should have been none as no woman should ever vote for:

“Mr. Grab’ Em”…      


EVER!) …

... and it was the support of that "some" that enabled The Donald, and powered him to victory over Hillary.

It was "some" women who enabled the:


“Misogynist-Racist-Xenophobic Republican Party”

… to win power in 2016 and reign supreme over America (AGAIN). And today, it is those same women, and much of America, that has done a post election double-down on the foibles, and very bad behavior, of Kevin and Harvey.


My, my, my…

... (Or is it better said as:

"tut, tut, tut?") ...

Such a fierce reaction to the bad behaviors of those two.


Could this be the way American Women (and some men), repent, and show regret for electing the Republican Party stalwart supporters of all things Family Values, the Culture Wars and TAKE-AMERICA-BACK (to the 19th Century), sentiment, to power in 2016?

Is this an elongated reaction for their empowering the worst offender, The Donald, as President in 2016?


Is this their way to:




So down go Kevin, and Harvey.


And in POWER stay the Republicans, and The Donald


 A case can be made that what got The Donald elected were those good old Republican Family Values, and his real cojones, over Hillary’s lack of both. Those two aligned elements, along with his perceived misogyny, his sense of Caucasian Male Domination, and the doctrine:



… that has ruled America since the Nation was birthed, all of that silliness combined into one whole, and Republicans, and The Donald won.

He done won…

They done won.

And then, then


Then there’s the concept that The Donald, Kevin, Harvey and the Republican Party, all played by the accepted (until then), rules of misogynist American society and:

“To the victor go the spoils…”




And boy is everything spoiled:




But beyond the conceit of that “Victor” thing, I would want to know where Society’s sense of outrage was previously when a pretty woman, or an overtly handsome man, used their looks or, their sexuality, to procure a coveted position over a better qualified candidate who lacked those same desirous physical attributes?


I’m alluding to the fact that in our daily lives “sex appeal” and sexual attraction” have always in the past, and always do today, influence our daily actions on who succeeds with us. Our choices on who advances, and who doesn’t, are always guided by those elements; I mean don’t you want to be around whom you think pleasing to your eye, or attractive?

Who doesn’t?


Only now…


... today in the age of The Donald, in the age of President Mr. “Grab’ Em by the Pussy” Trump himself, the lesser, non-anointed practitioners Kevin, Harvey...


... of the aforementioned daily reality described above, are guilty of heinous behavior (and they are, as it IS), while the chief perpetrator…



… gets away scot free as there is no way to reprimand, or control, a sitting President.

Perhaps if he grabs another… 

I wonder if that would even be an:

“impeachable offense"?


Not with this current, sitting, Republican Congress.


Not with them… 

I think not.



Harvey, Kevin, two of the "deplorables"...

... and The Donald

The Three D’s.

Woe to America... 


Long Live Women’s Lib!

It’s all their fault you know.




You go girls...


It's OK to vote for the "person" of your choice.

"Grab' em..."

It's all your fault.