Religious People Suck! And the Nine Reasons Why...

Religious People Suck!

Perhaps there aren’t nine reasons why Religious People Suck, maybe there’s only three, or four, or six reasons why. I’ll just have to see how many reasons I get to as I get going as this is really complicated turf. But that “SUCKING” thing extends to a broad segment of America, possibly to a full of American Society. I may even be a little light on the count, as both Pew Research, and the big daddy of all pollsters, Gallup, both claim that 37% and 39%  of America goes to church every week, with Pew detailing the political affiliation of the congregants as 66% Republican. In that Pew Republican noted percentage, the largest grouping were the evangelicals.

So yeah.

That’s the figure.


A full third of American society sucks!

But let me be clear here, perfectly clear.
100% clear.
I ain’t using “suck” in a sexual sense, I’m using the word as it probably is most often understood in today’s lexicon of American language. Let me paraphrase from an article I just read on the Internet:

“ …“Suck” …”

“The word is now completely divorced from any past reference it may have made to a certain sex act.

When I tell you that a new movie… (whatever title), sucks… my mind in no way conjures up an image of a film reel somehow fellating an unnamed beneficiary.” …

“Suck(s) is the most concise, emphatic way we have to say something is no good.”



And yesssss

I’m saying that those people, the 33.33% mentioned above, are no good.


They’re fanatic.

And dangerous to American society as a whole.

They all vote as a block, and because their block is so monolithic, rabid, and solid in its beliefs that 1/3rd block can cobble together the unsure, the uncommitted, voters on the fringes of their core issues and thereby sometimes win elections. Just like they did in 2016.

Presidente El Trumpo is their anointed Savior, and that SUCKS~

It seems that God, Family Values (as practiced by some), and the Culture Wars go hand in hand with this flock. The religious travel in lock step together; hut one, hut two, hut three…

And they all SUCK.

Religious people are often liars in the name of their private “godly” agenda. Politically, these “sucky” Religious people are oft hypocritical bible thumping, God fearing (while frequently cheating on their spouse), lawmakers, doing things to feather their own nests, and only their own nests. The worst of them all are those telegenic preachers and ministers though, those God fearing:

“God’s Truth Be Told to the WORLD”

… men of the cloth themselves. Those doyens of piety who live off of their minions tithes to the church in luxury and splendor while the poor in their care are left untended.

They SUCK.

Don’t misunderstand. I don’t question the right of any religion to exist, or of any religious person to believe or practice what they believe for themselves. I just want to stop their overreach into the rest of society that doesn’t want to live their way, or believe what they believe. I want to stop their incessant quest for temporal power over others; the Constitution rocks for me here, not the Bible.


 Herewith I will begin my designated task and we’ll see how many of those nine reasons I can relate before we get bored by the sad reality of it all.

1: Reality



Religion ain’t real, religions rely on hearsay and fantasy.

Religions rely on faith, on congregants believing oft repeated stories and fables from long, long ago, fables and stories told and retold about life and times “far, far away”. The miracles and “truths” spoken of in those stories are also oft repeated fantasy tales from long ago and  far, far away places.

I know…

A Wookie as God.

R2D2 perhaps.



May the force be with us…

But only if we’re all in the same tribe, we all have to be in the same tribe or it doesn’t count.


To me, there is no God.


“There is no God…”

To me there are just assertive, manipulative, aggressive human beings gathering docile and less assertive, fearful” even, other human beings around them to do their bidding in the name of:



Again, there is no God.

I dare any living (or dead), human being to show me God.

I dare them.

To me these God “believers” can point to the HOLY Bible all they want, as they so often do for proof. But the Bible isn’t proof as the Bible is not real; it’s a fiction penned by ancient man.



The Bible, the:

 “HOLY Book”


… is a fiction, a very dated fiction, and a very obscure and obtuse read to my taste today; dated and obscure fiction that Bible. Dated and obscure…

Reality, what a concept.

2: Lack of Tolerance

Every religion preaches Tolerance, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism; but none deal in any tolerance except the last one.

Only the Buddhists are tolerant.

Only the Buddhists.

As to the others, you ever hear of the Christian Crusades?


And what about the Islamic Jihads of the middle ages, those marauders in the name of (God), Allah, made it all the way up and into Spain that time.

And of course today the Shiites and the Sunni’s can’t so much as share half a continent together without massive rapes, slavery, slaughter and beheadings all in the name of God; ISIS anyone… Islam is supposedly a religion of peace, a religion with a place for other religions in its Holy Book, but Islam as it is practiced today has no tolerance for other religions.

Just as Jews in Israel have no tolerance for Muslim Arabs, or Protestants for Catholics in certain parts of Ireland.

There is little religious tolerance…

Religious freedom, that’s another story. Within most of the large and small communities that make up much of modern Western Society today people are free to worship as they choose. In western society, people have:

freedom to worship.


But that does not mean that those same people are tolerant.

They’re not.  

Just look at Mike Huckabee, or Rick Santorum, or those Shiites, those Sunni’s, mentioned before.

Be of my Tribe…

Follow my faith…


And only mine…

Religious People SUCK!

3: Malfeasance

Often the Ministers, Preachers, Priests, Deacons, Advisors, the people in control of a religious order, whomsoever, misappropriate or steal from their flock, their wards. These uber pious people steal resources from the poor, frightened masses huddled around their edificial doorsteps and sanctuaries so that they can live well. Reports of stealing surface frequently in local, national, and international news stories.

Sometimes the story is about a Catholic Bishop sending church dollars to a niece. Or perhaps an Archbishop, a Cardinal of the Church, on assignment at the Vatican Bank (I sooooo love the fact that the Vatican has its own Bank), manages to misappropriate a few tens of millions or so of Lira, Euro’s, or Dollars, or whatever. Or some lowly Priest, or Minister, or Deacon just runs off with the paltry weekly till. Like I said above, religious malfeasance is everywhere.

Said a headline in the Financial Times LTD:

“The Scandal at the Vatican Bank…”


They steal…

And what about all those Bishops, those almost Cardinal like Princes of the Church, who live in 30 room mansions guarded by uniformed men, with four or five servants catering to their every whim; and a driver for their car. Or those Evangelical Pastors like Pat Robertson who own TV networks, mega estates, and control media empires. These mortal men who grow their own fame and wealth over, and over again as they live better, and better, and better on the donations of their flock.


And the FLOCK benefits how from their grandiose lifestyle?

“Trickledown Faith” I suppose.

A lot like Republican “trickledown economics” from the rich to benefit the poor. 


My ass…  


What about those other Ministers of Faith” who live so high on the hog off of their “flocks” donations that they own multiple homes, drive multiple (and expensive “sports”), cars, and have gold faucets in their bathrooms?


Gold Faucets and Amenities”

… in their bathrooms.

The Ministry of the Bakker’s, Tammy Faye and Jim did that not so far back you know. They had gold handles on their amenities, Tammy even had gold faucet handles on her Bidet so every time she went near her vajayjay for hygienic purposes she touched pay dirt.



“Nearer my God to thee…”


My work is done here.



4: Marital and Sexual Infidelity

It gets somewhat complicated here as I’m going to discourse on two groups of perps below: the various Men of the Cloth, and the Politicians who were chosen by them to go forth and govern.

I’ll start with:

Famous Men of The Cloth who played around:

1: Ted Haggard

Ted was involved first with a male prostitute; illicit drugs were involved too, and later, a second scandal erupted with a male congregant.


2: George Alan Reker

George was caught at an airport returning from a Caribbean Island vacation with a paid for “rent-boy”.

3: Joe Barron

This one is scorching hot as Joe was caught by police with a webcam, and condoms, at a rendezvous with a 13-year-old girl. 

4: Tony Alamo of:

“Tony Alamo Christian Ministries”


This one is a classic. Not only was Tony cheating on his wife, but he was convicted of transporting underage young girls, and boys, across state lines for sexual activities and pornography.

Both God and American society are safe today as Tony is behind bars serving a 175-year sentence.

5: Bishop Eddie Long, this married, respected, religious, gentleman settled out of court various claims of coerced sexual contact with his male congregants.

And finally:

6: Jimmy Swaggart

Here we have an individual whose variations on his vows were almost normal; he was almost regular in his out of wedlock dalliances.


Jimmy’s sin, Jimmy’s scandal, was an ongoing tryst with a female prostitute a couple of times a month in a Louisiana motel room. There were some kinky stories to go along with the pictures that were displayed in the Super Market Tabloids when the story broke. There were some very specific tall tales about how Jimmy liked having the lady sit naked on top of a dresser, with her legs spread as far open as possible, as he screamed at her about:


From a publication:


But that’s only a story.

A story…

So who really knows?

Now, for the Politicians, the anointed ones, most are guilty of simple marital infidelity unless otherwise noted.


David Vitter, Louisiana, Republican, Pete Domenici, New Mexico, Republican, Larry Craig, Idaho, Republican (with men, and in an airport toilet no less…), John Ensign, Nevada, Republican, Bob Packwood, (love that name), Oregon, Republican.



The former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, Georgia, Republican, Henry Hyde, Illinois, Republican, Robert Livingston, Louisiana, Republican, Bob Barr, Georgia, Republican, Steven La Tourette, Ohio, Republican.


And finally a Governor:

Mark Sanford, South Carolina, Republican.

All of these characters were overtly, consistently, and conscientiously religious. They demanded, and OFTEN, constituent fidelity to a higher power as they exercised power over their constituents plebeian lives. There ain’t one of those 13 REPUBLICAN “family values” espousers, Social Conservative, elected officials above that would have been in power without deference to the Higher Power, and the support of the local religious establishment.


Unless I’ve completely misunderstood the 10 Commandments, and the intent of the “Holy Book” religious fiction I’ve absorbed, “ADULTERY” is frowned upon; as is sex with a member of your own gender.

And I think sex with children is a “No-No” too.


But much of the mainline populace in the south, and poor mid-western, and far western states, falls for the same “God Given” spiel over, and over again regardless of the personal foibles and peccadillos of the players. And women repeatedly vote for these guys over, and over, again.

I simply can’t figure that women’s vote out.

I don’t get that women’s vote at all.


5: The Sanctity of SEX and Marriage

Now this is a “catchall” category. It has nothing to do with a Priest, Minister, Preacher, Rabbi, Monk, or elected official per se, and all to do with all of them, and some businesses too. It’s all about how these different players manipulate faith, belief, circumstances, attitudes, values, and issues to make money, to sell product, and to garner power. And they all do it in the name of:

Conservative social issues, purity of purpose, Family Values, and GOD…

Ever hear of Chick-fil-A?

Buy a chicken filet sandwich from Chick-fil-A, a God supporting and God fearing company, and you’ll support the Bible’s commands, and GOD’S demand that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Complicated this stuff, food, sex, and social policy; all of it combined in the purchase of a chicken filet sandwich.


And of course there’s the Television Network TLC

 … and the high rated cable show:

“19 Children and Counting”.

A TV Show about a couple named Duggar and their 19 kids. Yes, two individuals chose to have 19 children, 19 of them, and a cable network put their combined lives on TV. The show was all about family, a family living a simple life, a life with God, and the all-American down home family values of purity, modesty, faith, and of course no birth control. The Duggar’s often said that they:

“… would allow God to decide how many children they would have…”

All of the children were home schooled, and all outside entertainments like movies, videos, and music were severely limited. All dating was chaperoned. Internally, the family was strictly male hierarchical with strict codes of conformity and subservient roles for the women members.

How perfectly Republican all of that was. What perfect Social Conservatives they were.

How Godly they lived.




Except the oldest son, Josh, admitted to fondling two, or three, of his younger sisters when he was a teenager. And soon it was discovered that Josh, this youthful male pillar of moral integrity from a FAMILY OF MORAL PILLARS, had a long-time, active account with the website Ashley Madison for cheating spouses looking for sex.



While Josh was actively lobbying for his Fundamentalist Christian Lifestyle and advocating chastity, fidelity, monogamy, and other fundamental Christian values on TV, Josh was actively, sexually, cheating on his wife.

And selling product.

And making money.



Religious People SUCK.


I’ll stop now; I’m gonna stop at five. There’s more, lots and lots more out there that I could add, but that’s for later, for another time. This is enough for now. I could come back to this tomorrow, as there’s so much more. These guys pull this stuff so often, so often; like daily. Every day America watches those TV shows, eats those sandwiches, and buys those advertised products.


And the women of America still vote for those dudes every two to four years. And the women of America go to those Sunday services too. You’d a thought they’d be wise to it all by now.

What don’t I understand?



So I’m gonna keep voting Democratic as they sin my way.