In 2017, during the height of the triumphant Trump/Republican control of both houses of Federal legislative government, and the presidency I was mucho upset with things so I did my civic duty and wrote letters to the leaders of the loyal opposition.

 … (Unlike the new senator elect from Bama, Tommy Tuberville... 

Alabama   Alabama  Alabama 
... I know that there are three mandated federal government branches: the Executive...
Presidency, executive

… the Legislative…

Legislative, senate, house 

 … and the Judiciary.


A case could be made that through their control of the first two parts in 2016-2018, and later the Presidency and the Senate 2018-2020, the Republicans now control the third part, but that’s another story. 

                PRESIDENCY                                          LEGISLATURE   

      Presidency, executive, 2016 election    legislative, two parts, 2016 election 

Back in 2017-2018, the loathsome Republicans only controlled the two parts noted above.) …  

In 2017, in abject fear of the consequences of continued Republican hegemony over America (i.e., see the Judiciary comments above), I penned multiple letters to the head of the Democratic Party National Committee, Tom Perez, to Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Senate Democratic minority, and to Nancy Pelosi, then the leader of the Democratic House minority.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Democratic Leadership

In those letters I pointedly lobbied for Nancy Pelosi to be removed from her leadership capacity. I specifically asked that Madam Pelosi be removed from her minority leadership position in the House of Representatives.

My reasons for doing so then were many. Some stemmed from my knowledge of the universal, vociferous dislike of Madam Pelosi by a huge swath of the general electorate. It was obvious to me then that all of that dislike seriously impacted Madam Pelosi’s effectiveness.

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house, disliked,

Through 2017 to the immediate present Nancy is the most disliked politician on the national stage and she’s held that lofty position for years. Back then out of power Nancy seemed to be an antiquated, ineffectual, and politically doomed Liberal Democrat Elitist; a pervasive, ever present foil for the Republican Party to rail against and campaign forward to electoral victory after electoral victory. At the time I thought that a Democratic House leadership change was mandated to avoid further electoral defeat. I thought that Nancy Pelosi had to go.

“Be gone woman, be gone…”


And then came the sweeping Democratic House victory in the 2018 midterms and Madam Pelosi’s return to the Speakership. At first that victory seemed to be a masterful political turnabout and Pelosi wielded the Speaker’s gavel with an: 

“iron fist in a velvet glove”

Speaker Pelosi, Speaker's Gavel,

… as she kept her Democratic caucus in line while she stopped the legislative priorities of Trump and his Republican Party cohorts in their tracks. At the same time Nancy lobbied front and center for her core liberal Democratic principles, priorities, and policies.

Nancy Pelosi, Policy, Lobby, liberal Democratic principless 

So I apologized to her, to Schumer, and to the party chair, in writing.

In writing…


It appears today that my apology was premature. Events after the fact, during the full two years of Madam Pelosi’s Speakership 2018-2020, have proved my initial position correct, and my apology erroneous.

So I do hereby retract it. 


Nancy Pelosi

Since 2018 little of the House Democratic Party Agenda has been passed into law; little of substance has been accomplished. Apparently Middle America expected more too as the Democratic Party was punished dearly in the just passed 2020 election.


The hapless house Democrats led by Madam Pelosi were pummeled in the electoral ring by their Republican challengers and when the bell rang, they were down on the mat, out for the count. The 2020 elections were a down ballot disaster for the Democrats; there went the comfortable Democratic House majority. 

House majority





Yes the Democratic Party won the presidency, they won the big prize. But the Democratic Party has won the national popular vote in all but one of the presidential elections of the 21st Century. That’s right, the Democratic Party has won the popular vote in six of the last seven elections. And yet the Democratic Party has lost complete control of most of the states and localities of the country at large; a full 90% of the county landmass in America has been under Republican control for years.

Republican Control, Republican Counties won, 2020 election

That local Republican control continues today even in states with Democratic Governors.

One of the reasons for this conundrum, a national vote win, but contiguous and continued local losses, is the disconnect between the national Democratic Party leadership, as epitomized by Madam Speaker Pelosi, and the needs, wants, the down ballot desires, of the local electorates scattered about these United States.

Middle America

Not much of Middle America mirrors the liberal/progressive sentiments that ground Speaker Pelosi’s home district in San Francisco, her personal ideology, or her everyday progressive, liberal, dare I say “LIBTARD” agenda. As much as Mitch McConnell has been the voice of “NO” for years, Pelosi has been the strident face of progressive, multicultural America that “Libtard” me supports.

But much of America has rejected that “Libtard” stuff outright, or asked a quiet, or perhaps a fucking loud:


Middle America Desires

… over the “Libtard” agenda… 

Green New Deal, Libtard  
 … election, after election, after election, after election.

In the eyes of the people of Middle America Nancy hasn’t delivered the “goods” they desire. It’s obvious to me that the American people rewarded that “failure of delivery” with the universal down ballot defeat they handed the Democratic Party in 2020.

Nancy Pelosi, Green New Deal, Libtard

Nancy’s inability to gather her caucus together and compromise with the Republican reprobates in the Senate during the 2018-2020 legislative session to get things done for all Americans was apparent to the voters. Her (and some of the progressive members of her caucus)...

AOC, Green New Deal, Libtard

... perceived, and often strident, ideologically based intransigence to compromise did not play well with the voters in 2020 and doomed the swing district down ballot Democrats, house and senate; all of them. 

Over the preceding two years Nancy seemed to play an “All or Nothing” game. In an “All or Nothing” game "half a loaf" won’t do, ever. Nancy never won the game, and the American people didn’t seem to like the results (“NOTHING”), or to value and admire Nancy for the game she played.

"Half a loaf" is a lot to a hungry person I suppose...

Half a loaf

I don’t dispute Nancy’s liberalism, her grasp of the issues of the day, or her control of her caucus. In fact, I support her ideals 100%. But I dispute her “All or Nothing” legislative game plan. Personally, I see a lot of benefits in “half a loaf”, as do a lot of other people in America. Obviously a lot of Democratic presidential voters had trouble voting for down ballot Democratic incumbents and the “All or Nothing” Pelosi legislative platform.

Senate 2020, election 2020  


A huge hit for the Democrats was had in 2020.


And why?


Because Nancy Pelosi did not use her Speaker’s position, her power, to effectively negotiate with the Republican Senate to pass legislation that the American people wanted to see passed, and needed to have passed. 

 Nancy Pelosi, Agenda,


Au contraire…

Nancy allowed an impeachment resolution, an impeachment resolution that she knew had no chance, zero (0), chance actually, of passing the Republican controlled Senate to gain momentum in her chamber, pass, and then die an ignominious death a short time later. That “Impeachment” was emotionally satisfying to her Democratic caucus, and great political theater I suppose…

Trump, Impeachment. House 


Pelosi, House Impeachment proceedings House Impeachment proceedings, Trump House Impeachment, Trump, Political Theater

 … but it was completely non-substantive from a legislative point of view, and 100% distracting from the more substantive issues facing the American people. Madam Pelosi, and her House Democratic majority flexed their ideological, rhetorical, politically theatrical, muscles, but their efforts for that flexing wrought far less than naught legislatively.


Far less!

In 2020 the majority of voters ousted heinous Trump from the presidency. 

2020 election map, Trump ousted

But those same voters remembered that theatrical, “Impeachment” waste of legislative time and resources that went down earlier in the year and the lack of progress on anything else. So those voters reverted to Republicanism again, and they voted many of those new Democratic incumbents out.

Republican victory 2020,


But there’s more to this, much more, as recently, just before the 2020 election, the House, under Madam Pelosi would not compromise with the Senate on a new, needed, COVID-19 economic stimulus/relief bill (that “All or Nothing” thingy again…), for reasons of “principle” supposedly.

Nancy Pelosi, no compromise,    Donald Trump, Corona virus, no commpromise  Mitch McConnell, Coronavirus stalemate, no compromise

In a Presidential Election Year, in a medical, fiscal, emotional, crisis, no COVID-19 stimulus/relief bill was better to Madam Speaker Pelosi and her Democratic caucus than a smaller Republican favored bill. Madam Speaker Pelosi wanted more for the people, much more, and she demanded more; "half a loaf" would not be sufficient...

Half a loaf is better than none

But the Republican Senate, under Mitch McConnell, “Senator NO”, would not budge.

Mitch McConnell, coronavirus relief, no compromise

With the impasse between Pelosi and McConnell unresolvable, the American people in dire need of help were denied all help.

Instead of seeing some help...


            Half a loaf is better than none



“Half a loaf”

Half a loaf is better than none

They saw nada.

Nothing, Nada


In Nancy’s mind, under her well thought out (but disastrous as orchestrated), “All or Nothing” electoral game plan, it was to be Mitch McConnell and his Republican Senate that would pay the electoral consequences for inaction on the needed COVID-19 relief plan.

But nah...


It didn’t work out that way.

2020 Republican Senate Victories

Most endangered Republican Senators seeking re-election won. Democratic challengers to very vulnerable Republican Senate incumbents lost in Maine, North Carolina, and Iowa. 



And why?

Because the House, controlled by the Democratic Party, and under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was so ineffectual, so image tainted, so focused on political purity, and not on the realization of actual legislation, that it delivered little or nothing of value to the American people.

Nothing, little, Nada



When "something of value" was needed, and badly...

Half a loaf is better than none, Nothing, Half a loaf, nothing, nada   Half a loaf is better than none, nothing


And so the American people gave little, or nothing, back to the Democrats in 2020.


I do hereby retract my previous apology.

“Nancy, ya gotta go.”

Nancy Pelosi

“Be gone woman, BE GONE!”.