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They stink. 

It’s true.


Immigrants stink from their mouths, immigrants stink from their bodies, immigrants stink from their clothes, and Immigrants stink from their stupid ideologies, their core beliefs. 


Immigrants stink, verily, let me enumerate the ways.

1: Immigrants stink from their mouths.

How can they not? 

   Immigrant foods, Spices, Stuff, E. P. Lee  Immigrant foods, Spices, E.P. Lee  Immigrant Foods, Spices, E. P. Lee, Stink


Immigrants eat all of these different foods from American standards. By conscious choice these lonely people go after, and imbibe, all of the spices and foodstuffs of their native lands that they can find. And because of that their breath reeks of those various, different tastes and scents. If the spices are strong enough they latch onto the fabrics of their clothes and we’ve got a double whammy of smelly air circulating around as they breathe, and as an olfactory hue as they just stand there in place; radiating.

It's a given that they can’t possibly afford dental care, or practice adequate oral hygiene, so they radiate orally.


With every breath.

They RADIATE odors…

Immigrants stink…

It’s a visible and constant series of OLFACTORY delights on the unwary American's around them.


2: Immigrants stink from their bodies.

Immigrants work hard, way hard. I don’t think anyone works harder in America, except maybe the owner of a small business that employs other people. Immigrants are unfailing in their devotion to their jobs as only small business owners are devoted to the survival of their businesses.


Immigrant work, Immigrant's Stink, E. P. Lee, STUFF  Immigrant work, Immigrant's stink. E. P. Lee, STUFF  Immigrant Work, Immigrant's Stink, E. P. Lee, Stuff

Native-born Americans don’t have that same devotion to their jobs, or to their employers. Native-born American citizens don’t work like that.


Native-born Americans feel that if their current job goes away they’ll just look for another. 


Conservative America, Politics, Work ethic, E. P. Lee, Stuff  Work Ethic, Conservative America Work, E. P. Lee, Stuff  Politics, Conservative work Ethic, E. P. Lee, Stuff, American Work Ethic

And often they do just that as native-born Americans change jobs for multitudes and multitudes of reasons; they’re bored, they want to make more money, it’s too long a commute, the Boss is abusive, or perhaps they’ve cancelled:

“Dress Down Fridays…”

Not the immigrant though, immigrants have to work, and work, and work at peak performance because if they don’t, this job could go away and who knows where the next job will come from.


Immigrants, Stink, America, Politics, E. P. Lee, Stuff

Who knows?

And so immigrants slave and constantly put out 200% for exceptionally low wages paid as cash as immigrants work at jobs without any benefits, without any recourse for abuse, without any real developmental future.

And why?



Why to feed their children of course, and to feed themselves. And to buy those different foods and spices that remind them of home so they can stink.


Immigrant Families, Immigrants, Politics, E. P. Lee, StuffImmigrant Fmilies, Immigrant needs. Immigrant work ethics, E. P. Lee, Stff

After work immigrants go home to their measly, survival type housing with limited plumbing and inadequate bathroom facilities, and unable to properly clean, or relax their sweaty, overworked, bodies they prepare to go through the daily torture that is their immigrant workday reality again.

Immigrant bathrooms, Immigrant hygiene, E. P. LEE, Stuff, Immigrants Stink  Immigrant Housing, Immigrant's Stink, Immigrant families, E. P. Lee, Stuff  Immigrant Housing, Immigrants stink



Immigrants stink!


3: Immigrants stink from their clothes

This is an obvious reality, I don’t have to belabor this one at all. If you don’t have adequate plumbing where you sleep, where you reside daily, how can you have adequate laundry facilities?  If there’s no shower available, there’s no washing machine available either and laundromats are expensive. So of course your clothes stink. I would think that food for your kids, food for yourself, would come first.

Immigrant's Laundry, Immigrant CLothes, Immigrants Stink, E. P. Lee, Stuff  Immigrant's Laundry, Immigrants Stink, Stuff, E. P. Lee Immigrant's clothes, Immigrants Stink, E. P. Lee, Stuff


So immigrants have smelly clothes.

And of course…

Immigrants stink.


4: Immigrants stink for how they think.

And now for the hard one, immigrants stink for how they think, they just stink! As immigrants are not educated, or acculturated in the core beliefs of native-born Americans they think dangerously, they think dangerous thoughts.


Immigrants, Immigrant Ideology, American Ideology, conservative politics, E. P. Lee, Stuff Immigration Ideology, American Immigration theory, conservative politics, E. P. Lee, Stuff Immigrants, Immigration policy


Immigrants think dangerous thoughts…

Seditious thoughts even…


Immigrant's thoughts, HOME, Safety, Immigrants, E. P. Lee

That "Home" thing.

Immigrants think not of idle purchases of material products like Jimmy Choo shoes, or Prada boots, or Hermes bags or what new video game to play, or what facebook inanity to follow. No, they think thoughts of how to get food for their children to eat, thoughts about how to get food for them to eat, thoughts about where they might sleep tonight, or go to the bathroom with dignity today.

They think multiple thoughts of how to stay out of trouble, thoughts of how to avoid the police, the authorities.

They think thoughts about how to stay safe.


Immigrant's safety, families, DACA, Conservative politics  DACA, Immigrant Safety, Immigrant families, E. P. Lee  DACA, Immigrant Families, Conservative politics

Immigrants focus their thoughts on individual survival, thoughts about how they might possibly make their lives better, thoughts about how they possibly could make their lives more livable and not on thoughts about what they need to consume for their daily entertainment and enjoyment. Immigrants think about reality, immigrants focus on thoughts about the substance of life, survival.



Immigrant families, survival, DACA, conservative politicsImmigrant families, DACA, Immigrant Survival Immigrant families, Survival, E.P. Lee

And these are seditious thoughts.

These are dangerous thoughts.

Immigrants Stink.



So Immigrants stink.

Immigrants just stink!



We’re a nation of immigrants; each and every one of us…


Immigrants Stink, A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS, E. P. Lee

… unless we’re Sioux, or Navajo, or Seminole, we didn’t originate here. 




We came from someplace else in this world; be it Europe, Asia, or Africa. And all of us now American native-born citizens who were once immigrants, certainly the White ones, worked back then when they arrived just like those stinky Immigrants of today.

100% the same way…

And those immigrants built settlements, and farms, had children, and fed those children and educated those children, and created new societies, and built new crafts, new businesses, new cities, and what was changed, was changed; forever.




And those earlier “White” immigrants stank too.

Just ask any Native American.


And so, today, we have this stinky immigrant population that The Donald, Donald Trump, and the entire Republican Conservative Party, and 33% of America wants to eradicate and send home to their native lands. We should expel some 12,000,000 or so people, and deny their illegal on American soil children their path to citizenship.


New American Immigrants, Immigrant stink New Immigrants, Immigrants stink Immigrants stink, Immigrants

Expel them.

“Expel” them, or perhaps like Nazi Germany… 


Concentration camps, interment  Immigrants deported, interment, incarceration, immigrants stink  American immigrant internment camps, Trump immigrant policy
Where previously in America it was said:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"


Statue of Liberty, previous American immigration policy

 Today it's more like... 


Immigrants stink, racial inequality

Immigrants as a group work so hard, and for wages so low, that no native-born American would even consider to do the same work. 

Immigrant work ethic  Immigrant work ethic  Immigrant work ethic

Ever see a Caucasian landscape worker in South Florida cutting a lawn?

Ever see a Caucasian burger flipper at McDonalds?

Or a Caucasian Septic System maintenance man?


Immigrant work ethic

I think not…

All those stinky immigrants work so damn hard at all of those high prestige positions that native-born Americans hanker for and are denied.   

Immigrant Work Ethic


And of course the Republican Party immigrant haters, and The Donald, tell you often that you have to protect women and children from them because of violence and crime so prevalent in their nature. Yet the crime rate within their entire population is next to non-existent, under .02% That’s non-existent to me:


Immigrant crime, Immigrants stink

… as their communities are safe. In truth, immigrants avoid trouble like people in the Middle Ages avoided Plague.

Immigrants send their children to school every day. And many demand that their children excel, daily, especially the Asians, and the Indians; just look at those math scores, those science scores; those reading levels.

They excel.


DACA, Immigrants stink  DACA, Immigrants stink  DACA, IMMIGRANTS STINK


Native-born Americans of color, and Caucasians better take note.

En Garde.





Or perhaps, they all have taken note, they are wary, and this is what the brouhaha is all about. Immigrants could take something away from the people who have it (Caucasian and otherwise).  And those people ain’t gonna give it up. 


MAGA, DONALD TRUMP, Immigrants Stink


Nobody messes with my facebook.


Consumerism. Immigrants stnk,   American consumerism, immigrants stinkImmigrants stink, American consumerism



And since most immigrants can't shop like that...

Immigrants STINK~

They just stink…

El Stinko.

Work Ethic, American Work ethic, E. P. Lee, Stuff. Immigrants stink