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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

How I write…

It’s an odd thing, things just come at me, and I write; these random, and sometimes not so random, thoughts come at me, and I write.

So here goes, this little story is about as sexy as I get...

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night:


Steve Hill and his new wife, Cheryl, were honeymooning in Eastern Europe, near Transylvania.

One mid-trip hot summer evening, they were driving along in their rental car, listening to music from the local radio station, Taylor Swift’s, “Bad Blood” was blasting from the car’s speakers as they motored along a deserted local highway. It was late; they were going back to their quaint suburban Transylvanian chateau styled hotel after a long, looooong, multi course native dinner with multitudinous local wines at a fine, though touristy, in-town bistro.

It was raining very hard just then, and Steve could barely see the unfamiliar road in front of the car.



The car skidded out of control.

Steve attempted to control it, but to no avail, the car swerved and forcefully smashed into a tree, bounced off, and turned over in a ravine.






Moments later, as Steve shook his head to clear the fog, Taylor was no longer singing  and silence reigned. Dazed, Steve looked over at the upside down passenger seat and saw Cheryl unconscious, but still holding the copy of the book, “The Art of the Deal” by Donald Trump.

Art of the Deal, Donald Trump
... that she’d been skimming in the dim passenger compartment light as he drove along. Cheryl’s head was bleeding profusely, blood was everywhere.

Despite the rain and the unfamiliar countryside Steve knew he had to get Cheryl medical assistance. Steve exited the driver door, went over to the passenger side, opened the door, undid Cheryl's securely fastened seatbelt, and carefully picked Cheryl up from the seat and began trudging down the road. After a short while he saw a light in the distance and he headed towards it.

Old castle like house, light in the distance, window
The light was coming from a large, old, old, castle like, house.

Steve approached the huge front door warily, and knocked.


A short bit later, the door was opened by a small, kind of bent over, almost hunchbacked, unruly clothed, middle-aged man.


Igor, hunchbacked, middle aged man




Steve, in complete exhaustion and relief, immediately blurted out loudly, and in 


“Hello, my name is Steve Hill, this is my wife Cheryl, we’re here on our honeymoon, and we’ve been in a terrible accident; my wife is seriously hurt.

Can I please use your phone?


The almost hunchbacked little man replied softly in heavily accented, almost pidgin English:

“I’m  zo  zorry,  ve  doan  hab  a  fone.

Bud  mi  Mazter  iz  a  Doktor…

Cum  in,  cum  in,  und  I  vil  ged  him.”

Steve slowly carried Cheryl in through the huge wooden door, into a chilly, dark, moist feeling, cavern like stone entry room with a small, burning, fireplace and a gigantic stairway...

grand stairway, entry room
... leading upwards into the house in its center, and with a smaller stairway going down into the...

A well-tailored, man, with a cape over his shoulders, was already walking down those stone center stairs towards Steve, and he spoke immediately, in perfect English... first in annoyance, and loudly, to the almost hunchbacked, middle aged man:

Master, Cape, owner


I’ve told you before not to speak like that, you went to school, speak like you were taught, don’t embarrass me that way again…”

And next, more normally to Steve:

“I’m afraid my assistant may have misled you.

I am not a Medical Doctor.

I am a Scientist…

However, it is many miles to the nearest clinic, and I have had some basic medical training, I will see what I can do.

Next “Master” said forcefully:

“Igor, bring them down to the La-bor-a-tory.”

With those forcefully spoken words, Igor took unconscious Cheryl from Steve’s arms and carried her to the stairway heading downstairs with Steve following closely behind. The two walked silently down one long flight of steps, and after walking down a narrow, cold, stone corridor some 30', opening a rough-hewn wood door, and entering an immaculate, and modern, stark white room with fluorescent lights aglow, Igor placed Cheryl on a long table (in what must be the “la-bor-atory”), just as Steve collapsed from the burnout and stress of his efforts to save Cheryl, and his own massive internal injuries.

La-bor-a-tory, laboratory, lab, how I write
So Igor placed passed out Steve on an adjoining lab table.

Just then, Igor’s “Master”, now dressed all in white, entered the la-bor-a-tory. After a brief physical examination, first of Cheryl, then of Steve, Master looked worried. In a short moment he said:

Scientist at work, worry, serious
“Things are serious...


"Prepare a transfusion.”

Igor and his Master then worked feverishly on both Cheryl and Steve interchangeably.


Scientist, feverish work 
But to no avail.

Steve and Cheryl Hill were soon no more.



The Hills’ deaths upset Igor’s Master greatly.

Wearily, and ever so slowly…


Master left the death and quiet of the La-bor-a-tory and climbed the steps up to his second floor Conservatory which housed his grand piano. It was there, in that Conservatory, that Master always found solace.                  

             Conservatory, piano, play, music, beautiful
And so, Master sat down at his concert grand piano and he began to play.

And soon a stirring, almost haunting, melody filled the house.


Taylor Swifts:

Taylor Swift, Bad Blood, Music 
“Bad Blood” it ain’t.
Igor was in the lab tidying up.
What with the haunting music filling the house, and the recent events in the La-bor-a-tory in the foreground of his mind, his concentration was a bit distracted, and he was kind of focused on what he would tell the local authorities when they came by for the bodies, but…
Did something just move?
And now…
Just out of the corner of his eye…         out of the corner of his eye, movementIgor definitely caught some movement.

So he put down the broom in his hand and looked head on and now he’s certain that the fingers on Cheryl’s right hand were twitching, that they were keeping time to the haunting piano music.

Igor was stunned.


And so, somewhat addled, he turned slightly and glanced over at Steve, and next he watched in horror as Steve’s right arm began to rise, his raised hand marking the beat of the haunting piano music.

Fear, Movement, blown away with fright
Igor was flabbergasted, his breathing stopped, he was simply blown away.

And just then, both Cheryl and Steve sat up straight.



Igor was frantic.


Unable to contain himself any longer, in outright FEAR and excitement, Igor dashed up the two flights of stone stairs to the Conservatory where his Master was attempting to mask his grief by playing piano…

And as Igor burst through the Conservatory doors he shouted out (and in perfect English…):


“Master, Master!

The Hills are alive with the sound of music!”


The Sound of Music The Sound of Music The Sound of Music



How I write.