How To Stop Living In Fear…

How to stop living in fear, fear, Media threat 

North Korea is at it again. Atomic mayhem on their part leading to the destruction of all mankind is nigh; or so the media would have us believe.

From CNN:

"North Korea fires two ground-based ballistic missiles, South Korea says…"

On a previous recent day it was posited by others that the DOOMSDAY CLOCK was poised to chime.

 Doomsday Clock, Fear, Media Threat

Oh my…

And from CNN on March 20,2021 we were told to fear for our moral lives as transgender teenage girl athletes in sports were banned from competition in the northwestern United States:

"South Dakota's governor issues executive orders  banning transgender athletes from women's sports..."

... to protect South Dakotan female athletic integrity...

TRANS teenage athletes, South Dakota, trans,

... (nee, and by extension all traditional, conservative family values in the state (and thereby Republican control of the State government)). Kristi Noem...

Kristi Noem, South Dakota Governor, Trans athletes

...  the prescient, all seeing, fair minded, protective, governor of South Dakota moved to ban all ”transgender” (“Trans” in 2021 politically correct lingo), female teenage athletes from all competitive sports in the state. Kristi followed the prior, early spring, lead of the exalted Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves, and the equally progressive Governors of Tennessee and Arkansas in protecting the young lady athletes in their states (and their conservative, Republican Party control of all levers of state power...

South Dakota Trans Ban, Trans

... from that horrific, unfair, “Trans” threat.


Studies have shown that less than 0.6% of all people in America identify as Transgender or like I said before, “Trans”. I would assume that some of those “Trans” identifiers are one: adults and unable to compete as teens, and 2: female to male “Trans” (so they wouldn’t qualify under that female athletic competition ban). That means that the actual figure, the number of people actually “banned” from teenage female athletic competition, is somewhat lower then the national "Trans" mean of 0.6%. Even if every “Trans” teenage girl athlete in America were located in the states of South Dakota, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas they would represent a miniscule portion of the state’s competitive teenage girl athlete population. 


Trans people, South Dakota, Trans

It's obvious that female "trans" athletes are only a teeny, teeny, tiny, to non-existent, population in those states. So why was it even worth a headline in any of those state’s local newspapers, let alone a lead page headline on a national Internet newsfeed, when the orders/acts were signed into law?

The answer is simple.

The mere mention of “Trans” female teenage athletic competition is capable of striking real fear into conservative bastions of Evangelical belief and the followers of archaic, patriarchal, family values. And that rampant fear, and the governors' moves to assuage it, garnered intense media attention in all four cases.

Trans fear. South Dakota, politics

Fear, especially rampant fear, generates mucho media interest and attention, always, and that mucho attention equals money to the media.

Fear = Money

                Fear = money Fear = Money Fear = Money 

The nuclear ambitions of North Korea are a very real threat to peace in the world. But the “truth” to tell today is that North Korea is rattling its nuclear sabers dangerously to gain viable, substantive, attention...

North Korea "Don't make a stink"

... from a new regime in Washington preoccupied with other, more pressing, issues. 

CNN’s previous headline:  

"North Korea breaks silence to warn US against 'causing a stink..."

 North Korea "Don't make a Stink" North Korea "DOn't make a stink"

… was by far a more accurate media headline expression of the reality in play.



Way more accurate~

But the “fear” of “flying missiles” will garner more readers/viewers than the presence of a bad “smell”, and more readers/viewers means more advertisers for the various media outlets, and more advertisers means more incoming revenue and more profit; so the media uses “fear” in its headlines, in its reporting, in its very search for stories to popularize.

Fear = Money

The media teases, and oft times creates, “fear”.


Fear gets attention, attention garners viewers/readers, and the more viewer/readers they have the more money they make.

 Fear = money





So “fear” increased monetary returns determine the news we are provided with by the various Media outlets on a daily basis. And what we see is what we react to…

… (Monkey See, Monkey Do…”) … 

Monkey see, monkey do

Again Ipso-facto…


There’s a bit more to this, it’s not simply “fear” alone that drives the presented story process forward as there are other subjective, or titillating, factors that are often used by the Media (and by the media manipulators themselves seeking exposure) ...

Scandal news,

... to increase viewership/readership. Most of those other factors are as negative, as deleterious, as titillating, as “fear” and they all work to increase exposure.

You doubt me?

Who does not often, frequently, and many times first, peruse things like media reports of prominent persons outré sex acts (any kind), outrageous personal or professional behavior (the more outrageous of word, or deed, the better) ...

                Scandal, SEX, Drugs

... scandal (business or personal, of any type), personal peccadillos (harmless or otherwise), or tragedy.

                                    Scandal, drugs, personal meltdown, personal breakdown, p

Many of those things are out of the control of mere mortal beings (like tragedy caused by outside events, or illness), and the media cannot be faulted for reporting on same. But many of the actions are deliberate, or staged...

Jesse Smollett, publicity, outrageous  Jesse Smollett, publicity, outrageous  Jesse Smollett, Publicity, outrageous

... and perpetrated on the public to deliberately create controversy and publicity that the media will report on.

And it works!

Free press...

… (And not in the good way that the First Amendment of the Constitution would want it to be.) …

So the media reports on all the outrageousness, sex, scandal and peccadillos that are out there with aplomb, and for what reason?


For money.

Faer = Money, Money


A case could be made, a good one, a strong one, that Donald Trump would never have risen to power, that…


…  had the Media not given him countless days, months and months and months, of free coverage, including endless TV, print media, and Internet attention because of his OUTRAGEOUS, SCANDALOUS, and repugnant behaviors.

DOnald Trump, politics, rise to power

Had The Donald not been an itinerant clown, a buffoon, a liar, a misogynist, and a racist during the run up to the Republican nomination he would not have been in the game at all.

But because he was a buffoon...

“Little Marco”…

      Little Marco   Little Marco, Donald Trump  Little Marco, Donald Trump

... and because he was a clown... 

“Fat Chris…”

         Fat Chris, Chris  Christie  Fat Chris, Chris Christie, Donald Trump  Fat Chris. Chris Christie

 ... and because he was a misogynist... 

Sayeth wannabe Republican Party Presidential Nominee The Donald:

“Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president? I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not s’posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?” — Trump in a September 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, speaking about then-primary rival Carly Fiorina.

                      Carly Fiorina Carly Fiorina

And later on, when the nominating contest was won spaketh 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee The Donald as follows: 

“Grab ’Em by the pussy…” 

Donald Trump, Grab' Em By The Pussy

... the American people flocked to the Media stories about The Donald put forward by the Media; they “flocked” to all of them. The constant reporting on candidate The Donald, and the products advertised concurrently, were seen by the masses, and both sold, and well.

Both got exposure.

Money was made…

Fear = money


It got worse for America after The Donald gained office. The political legitimacy of the office he’d attained demanded coverage beyond any specific outrageous or scandalous behavior simply because of the power behind the office.

Donald Trump, 2016 election victory

But the main activities of elected office were bereft of outrageous headlines as the nuts and bolts of policy, of daily governance, are dry. To maintain rampant, hot, emotions and daily core partisan involvement, color was needed to pique adherents interest and add staying power. “OUTRAGEOUS” stays front and center in the media for much, much, longer periods of time than dry, boring, “policy” pronouncements.

OUTRAGEOUS, emotional involvement, politics

So The Donald became "outrageous" from his perch in power as he distorted policy, and facts past and present, wherever possible.

The Donald lied.

The Donald’ s lies were outrageous. The Donald’s blatant lies were more outrageous still. The media, in toto, was now in a bind. It had created a monster in its search for ever greater profit. And here lies the rub as it was no longer The Donald “candidate” being outrageous to be reported upon, but the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world. Deference was called for:


During the first years of candidate Trump’s American reign of political terror the Media, electronic, broadcast, and print had made scads of billions of dollars on The Donald’s OUTRAGEOUS actions and the resulting headlines from 2015 forward. But now, in 2017 the Media had to report on PRESIDENT TRUMP’S:

“Alternative Facts”...

... as in:

“President Donald Trump said…”

ALternative Facts, Donald Trump, John Adams


“Senior presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway said…”

Kellyanne COnway. Alternative Facts, Donald Trump

… and not for years after that started did the media say there’s no such thing as an:

“Alternative Fact”.

That “fact” is just that:


That “Alternative facts” are lies.


                ALTERNATIVE FACTS. LIES  ALTERNATIVE FACTS. LIES  Alternative Facts, lies

The media, electronic, broadcast, and print, made mucho deniro, and for years, by giving The Donald free press as he fed their daily news cycles with his phantasmagorical campaign statements and deeds. The Donald’s daily outrageous  behavior, publicized through “Free Press”, brought great profit to the Media conglomerates and not just to Fox News...

NBC< CBS< ABC, FOX, Media Companies

... but to all of them, as ALL were complicit. As The Donald trounced all contenders for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, and then won the election, the Media made money.


Billions, Media Company Profits 

The Donald was his own personal creation for sure...

Donald Trump, personal image,   Donald Trump. image, personal creation

... but the media enabled and empowered The Donald to victory.

The Donald was the Media's creation to make more money, more profit. After The Donald’s 2016 victory it was the media who legitimized...

Donald Trump

... The Donald in office. And it was the media that legitimized:


Even though “Alternative Facts” are lies.

Alternative facts, lies


Today, much of the media calls The Donald a liar; often, frequently, and with some passion. But in many of the previous year’s “deference” ruled and The Donald’s  hateful words, and the words of his HATEFUL surrogates were repeated, and repeated, and repeated, so often, and were so weakly challenged early on by the Media, that in the last election 74,000,000 people heard truth in the “alternative facts” presented to them and voted for The Donald a second time.



I read someplace that if you say a lie often enough people will think it to be true; or at least it to be an:

“Alternative fact”.

N'est-ce pas?


... to not live in fear of a nuclear holocaust not quite ready to rain down, or of female teenage “trans” athletes over running traditional patriarchal conservative American family life, or of the outrageous "alternative facts" so prevalent in Trumpian lore, I’ve turned off the media.

Fake news, fear, alternate facts

 So off:




I am so much calmer today.