Caitlyn, Caitlyn, The Donald, And Dick...  Donald Trump  Dick Pic, Caitlyn, The Donald, and Dick

Caitlyn, The Donald, Dick

And America


Two prominent personalities (both kind of has-beens’ at the moment (but both with comeback possibilities)), and a current (then and now), hip, multifaceted, four letter word all jumbled together in one media mix defining America. It’s a very odd mix what with Caitlyn Jenner a former reality TV Star and former Olympian nee Bruce...

Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner  CAITLYN JENNER, BRUCE JENNER  Bruce Jenner

...  mixed together with Donald J. Trump“Mr. Grab’ Em By The Pussy” himself, The Donald...


... a businessman, prior reality TV star, and the former President of the United States. Here these two somewhat antithetical personas are tied together in the media hierarchy of American society by a four-letter word with multiple meanings. This is not a usual, casual, comfortable, expected everyday media linkage. But here they are, the three of them linked as one in American media: Caitlyn, Mr. Pussy Grabber, and Dick. All three elements are solidly banded to one another in American media lore in one odd mix; the three are entwined. Together. Linked. And how you ask?


Let’s begin with that four-letter word and the various meanings of  “dick” and see how those different meanings apply to our two currently passé, but still au currant subjects above. There are five separate, but applicable, meanings to the word “dick”. The first one is the simplest and most accepted.


Dick is the shortening of the forename Richard. It's a diminutive nickname. An example:

Dick Nixon, President Nixon, Richard Nixon, Tricky DIcky
The next four meanings are in current everyday use too. Number four is the most common and most accepted of the four, but number five is a close, very, competitor. Both number two and number three below are used frequently as well.


“Dick” is used as a slang synonym for “nothing” as in:

“You don’t know dick…”

You Don't Know Dick

The expression was used in the title of the consequential book:

“You don't know dick about the Bible”

By L...


Dick” is also used as a slang idiom for something “BAD” happening to you. Used properly it conveys a big personal, or otherwise, loss occurring in your life or environs. As the arbiter of current slang, the Urban Dictionary …

Urban Dictionary

... puts it, “DICKED” means:  

“Being beaten heavily in business or sports.”

In everyday use it would be phrased in gender specific terms: 

“Dude (or Girl), you’ve been dicked”.



The most common meaning or slang use of “Dick” is as the nickname for the male number one excretory/sexual organ body part, the penis. 

Penis, male sexual organ


Lastly there is use of the word “Dick” as a desultory, oft times inflammatory, pejorative of the highest (or lowest), order. As in number four “dick” is expressed in number five to describe that same male body part and is not often mentioned in polite conversation. "Dick" is used this way as a big, BIG, negative towards others, an insult or slur. Common usage would be:

“What a dick.”

Or for calling out negative interpersonal behavior in a one on one situation:

“You’re a dick!”

Or the corollary caution not to be one:

                                           Don't be a dick   Don't Be A Dick 

Or as a simple one word exclamation uttered in complete exasperation at the actions of another person either softly, or loudly with the vocal emphasis dependent upon circumstance as in:

 “dick”... Dick pic


“DICK!”... Dick pic

There are more examples of number five, many, the pejorative possibilities there are endless. The word is ubiquitous in use, frequently expressed, and very. Think of what is said when you’re behind the wheel of your car and someone cuts you off. Either:

 “dick” is said then, or:


And often.


“DICK” is a word with five grossly divergent meanings and multitudinous usages that I have linked to two passé American societal figures. One figure, Caitlyn Jenner, is solely active in media where rumor has it that she may be a part of the upcoming reboot of the old sitcom and movie “Sex In The City”, that possible comeback mentioned earlier. The other figure, The Donald, previously of the media, is still active in business as a purported tycoon, and is now a former, disgraced, President of the United States seeking control of the current Republican Party as he mounts a possible return to presidential power, his possible comeback. So what links “dick” and those two passé, but possibly au courant, people together?

Donald Trump, Caitlyn JennerHmmmmm…

The link explanations are per the numbers above, but will unfold in reverse order.  

# 5:

Number five only gets a brief mention here as number five is commonly used for the disparagement of all peoples and as such it isn’t a unique link to the relationship between The Donald and Caitlyn. Both The Donald and Caitlyn have had “dick” as a pejorative hurled at them by many people countless times, for many different reasons, but with similar phrasing.

“Can you believe he (or she), did that?

What a dick.”

Donald Trump Dick Pic

No more needs to be said.

Moving on …


Caitlyn, the former Olympian (nee Bruce), now a media personality...

Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce Jenner

 ... was previously a “Chick-With-A-Dick”, a “Lady Guy”, a “Tranny”, a “She-Male”, a “Drag Queen” or in recent politically correct terms a “Trans Person”,  or most currently, a “Trans”.

Caitlyn Jenner

Today Caitlyn is wee-wee less. She removed the physical part seen by her as an impediment in her present and to her future.

Caitlyn Jenner, Sophia Hurtchens

But back in 2015 when her linkage to The Donald began, Caitlyn was with wee-wee; “dick” was on board, and in hand, daily. Caitlyn, with wee-wee intact, was an early supporter of The Donald. After Caitlyn’s original choice for the Republican presidential nomination, Ted Cruz, now known as “FLED CRUZ”

  Fled Cruz, Ted Cruz ZFled Cruz, Ted Cruz Fled Cruz, Ted Cruz 

 …  gave up his Republican Party presidential nomination quest, Caitlyn immediately voiced her ardent support for her number two choice, The Donald (how apt, “Number TWO”)…

Caitly Jenner, Republican Party, donald Trump Support

… just as the  momentum for The Donald’s quixotic quest for the Republican Party presidential nomination increased.

The Donald, as just another candidate in the pack of 11 or so clowns competing for that same Republican Party presidential nomination...

2016 Republican Presidential Candidates, Donald Trump

... basked in Caitlyn’s unsolicited adoration and endorsement. To show his appreciation The Donald proffered the following statement into the waiting microphones of the press:

“Caitlyn can go to the bathroom, ANY bathroom, THE LADIES ROOM, (and that was the bathroom of choice Caitlyn always used…) on any of my properties, anywhere, at anytime…”

Caitlyn Jenner Trump Tower Bathroom OK, Donald Trump

At Trump Tower

 Trump Tower, DOnald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner

At the Trump International Hotel

Trum International Hotel, DOnald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner 


 Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner

So Caitlyn did…

Over the ensuing months of the race to the nomination Caitlyn was “relieved” physically often, as “dick” was drained in multiple Trump Ladies Rooms, and Caitlyn, savvy “media personality” that she was, got great publicity from both supporting The Donald and for using his porcelain facilities for relief.


By corollary The Donald, savvy “media personality” and presidential candidate” that he was, got great publicity from Caitlyn’s use of his porcelain facilities and her loudly voiced, and often reported on (with pictures taken outside of The Donald’s properties), frequent relief:

"When ya gotta go, ya gotta go” ...

...(or something like that was said by Caitlyn)…

Caitlyn Jenner, DOnald Trump, bathroom video

… along with  her vocal support of his candidacy.

A truly beneficial symbiotic media relationship was maintained between them. Caitlyn peed often and they both got publicity from the “go”.

Caitlyn Jenner Donald Trump  
 “Dick” ruled both of them about then.



Dick ruled. 

# 3: 

This one’s easy.
A full 48% of America thought they got “Dicked” when The Donald won the Electoral College with only 46% of the popular vote and claimed the Presidency of the United States over the loser of the election Hillary Clinton.
48%, much of the nation, a plurality even, felt they got "dicked" that day, and badly.
Dicked 48%


Dicked 48% 


And Hillary…

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Dicked, dicked 48%



# 2:

Another easy one as “many people” think that The Donald and/or Caitlyn know “nothing” about the things they were, and are presently, engaged in. It was often heard before:

 A: “The Donald don’t know DICK about being President…”

Donald Trump 

B: “Caitlyn don’t know DICK about being a woman…

Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce Jenner



One is of no matter really, it’s just a diminutive forename…

DICK… a “diminutive…”

See Dick run

To conclude, “many people” think that America was conquered in 2015/16 by a slang male body part epitomized by two individuals who knew “dick”...

 Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump

... DICK...

... but gained credence in society as one got richer (Caitlyn), and one gained the power (The Donald), to rule over all in America. “Many people” thought that America had been “dicked” by people who didn’t know “dick” back then. Many thought that they had been “dicked”.  


2016 election, DickedAnd badly.

 2016 election, dicked

What with Caitlyn rumored to have a media comeback in the works after the cancellation of her show and her dropping from the limelight after her “dick” was dropped from her body, and The Donald threatening a return to the campaign trail for president in 2024 as he maneuvers to control the 2021 Republican Party from his lair in Florida...

Donald Trump CPAC 2021, Donald Trump, gold Donald Trump

.... it is feared by “some people”, “many fine people” actually, that “dick” might rise to rule America again.

In the 2020 election Caitlyn was quiet, “dick-less” and quiet, and The Donald lost the 2020 Presidential election. If Caitlyn does “rock and roll” in the media again, and The Donald’s political maneuvers currently in play succeed, who knows what could play out in 2024? As the bard, Shakespeare, said:

 Shakespeare, all the world is a stage...

“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

So who knows what roles those two can play on stage moving forward in time, they’ve both duped America to their own advantage multiple times before, so who knows?



Who knows?

Oh my.

Oh no…


Let’s ask Dick, maybe he can tell us what to expect.

‘Oh Dickie…’ 


 As the White Rabbit told Alice many years ago: 

“Be Aware…”

WHite Rabbit, Be aware

Be aware.