The Donald, Caitlyn, DICK...

                         THE DONALD, CAITLYN, DICK...
                                   And America Today


What a concept, two prominent personalities, one a reality TV star, one a former reality TV Star and now the President of the United States, both intertwined with a four-letter word of multiple meanings and all integrated together into the moment of NOW!

All three elements, two prominent, very, individuals, and a word of mixed use, mixed meaning, mixed metaphor, entwined in the Now of today. Well the "Now" of November 2016 when I first thought of this concurrence, and it's basically unchanged since then.

The NOW!

Let’s begin with that four-letter word, and the various meanings of, “dick”:

1: “Dick”: a shortening of the forename “Richard”, a diminutive nickname, an example below:

“DICK” Nixon.


2: “Dick”, from the dictionary, a slang synonym for “nothing”, as in:

“You don’t know dick…”

3: “Dick”, again from the dictionary, a slang idiom for something “bad ” happening to you as in:

“You’ve been dicked…”

4: “Dick”, from the dictionary a third time, a slang nickname for the male urinary excretory, and sexual organ, body part.


One word, “DICK”, with four common, yet grossly divergent, meanings and usages. One multifaceted word linked to two, current, prominent American societal figures, Caitlyn Jenner, who used to have a “dick”, but now she don’t, and The Donald, who still do gotz one they say. One figure, Caitlyn, solely involved in the media today, and one figure, The Donald, previously in the Media, and also in Business, and now, President of the United States. How can all of this be linked together?


So let me count the ways of how "dick" is used again, but I’ll start in reverse order of and count my way back up to (1), to the forename.

4: “Dick”

A slang term for:

“The male sexual organ”.

Caitlyn, the media personality only, was a short-ways back in time known as a:

Chick-With-A-Dick”, a “Lady Guy”, a “Tranny”, a “She-Male”…

… or in present day politically correct terms, she has evolved into a:

Trans person”.

In the year 2017 Caitlyn did away with that “annoying thing” (her penis), and perseveres today in her life endeavors “dick” less. As we all know, with “dick” Caitlyn was an early political supporter of The Donald. From just after the day Teddy Boy Cruz gave up the ghost of his Republican Party Presidential nomination aspirations The Donald was Caitlyn’s oft vociferously voiced choice for President.

And The Donald way back then, as just another candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, welcomed her (“dick” in a dress) support . The Donald said then:

“Caitlyn can go to the bathroom, ANY bathroom, THE LADIES ROOM

(And that was the bathroom Caitlyn always used)…

on any of my Properties, anywhere, at any time…”

At Trump Tower

At the Trump International Hotel


So Caitlyn did…


And so, with much publicity happening for the two of them, over, and over again, Caitlyn was “relieved” physically (as “dick” was drained in multiple Trump ladies bathrooms. Caitlyn (media personality that she was/is) got great publicity then from both supporting The Donald, and from using his various porcelain facilities. And The Donald (media personality, and Presidential Candidate that he was back then), got great publicity from Caitlyn’s use of those same porcelain facilities.

Dick ruled about then, for both of them.


3: “Dick”:

That slang expression for:

 “Something Bad happening”

 Well, this one’s easy:

A full 48% of America thinks they got:


… when The Donald won the Electoral College with only 46% of the popular vote, and claimed the Presidency of the United States.


And badly…

2: “Dick”:

A slang synonym for knowing:


Another easy one as “many people” think that The Donald and/or Caitlyn know “nothing” about the things they are presently engaged in; you often hear people espouse:

A: “The Donald don’t know “DICK” about being President…”


B: “Caitlyn don’t know “DICK” about being a woman…”





1: ”DICK”:

A forename abbreviation.

(1) is of no matter really, it’s just a diminutive forename.

“DICK” a diminutive...



So there you have it, one word with four meanings in common, daily, usage tied to two divergent individuals in the NOW of Today. “Many People” currently think that America has been conquered by a male body part encased in a dress, or that two know-nothing individuals, individuals who know “dick”, continue to gain credence and reign over us all.

Many People” think America has been “dicked” by people who don’t know:


Let’s ask Dick:

“Oh Dickie”…