And the Puppy Howls

And the Puppy Howls

And the Puppy Howls, E. P. Lee

Join Eric Paul Lee as he takes his first steps on a “LEAVING LAS VEGAS” meets “MADAGASCAR” dystopian journey through modern American Life.

When Eric’s life fell apart, he bought a puppy. And though one scampering, howling, messing little friend couldn’t make everything alright, it was a new start when his life had sort of stopped. One by one, he’d lost them all: his health, his lover, his man’s-best-friend – the puppy’s predecessor, Ziggy – one by one, until he had nothing left but his waterfront house in Miami and the memories that haunt it. Now, with the puppy by his side, Eric’s got a lot of healing to do, but how to start?

“And the Puppy Howls” is the story of being hit by everything modern American life can throw at you, and who, and what, comes next.

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