The times they are a changin'…”                   

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It’s five days to election day 2020 and it looks like women ain’t gonna suck no more.

Could it be?


There is no question that in 2016 Women handed the presidency to Mr. “Grab’ Em by the Pussy” Trump by a 4% majority. That’s right 52% of all women voted for El Trumpo and only 48% of them voted for Hillary. What were they thinking?


2016 Election, Women Suck

Just what?

They sucked!

And with El Trumpo’s electoral win those same women handed a legislative victory to the Republican Party instilling an omnipresent white, misogynist, controlling, father figure (portly, gray haired (or badly dyed blond), ill attired (it wasn’t pretty), and lascivious, at best), hegemony over all living souls in America. 

2016 election, women's vote, misogyny, Trump


2016 election, misogyny, Trump victory
None of this was new news then. Many women had been sucking just like that since the Culture Wars began in the 1960’s and Women’s Liberation upset the postwar 1950’s rock solid sensibilities of the land. In the 1960’s as the movements for Women’s Lib, Sexual Liberation (along with the ubiquitous Pill), and a push for Civil Rights for all Americans began in earnest white mankind was threatened down to its very core, right on down to the “bone”. And so were their spouses, Many women felt threatened the same way, by those very same things, so they hunkered down; and sucked.
        Women's vote, Culture Wars Women's vote 2016, Culture Wars Women's vote, culture wars, Trump, Republican Party

Many white women felt that they had to rally and protect the flanks of their husbands to protect their own perceived realities and entitlements; so they did. And so they sucked. They sucked.

As white mankind was threatened they rebelled, and their spouses sided with them. And time after time, in election after election, those same spouses, those "threatened" women, supported their rebelling husband’s electoral choices, and enabled those men, those male electoral choices (their husband’s physical replicas), at the ballot boxes voting them into power over, and over, and over again.

        Misogyny, Trump, 2016 election

If those women had voted another way, in a self-enlightened, self-empowered way, all would have been different. It’s the same with the Millennials, and the early Gen Z’s, had they voted in 2016 en masse all would be different today.


But the under 35 crowd doesn’t vote commensurate with their societal numbers, or with any regularity, (they suck too actually, along with those women who’ve sucked, and sucked, and sucked election, after election past). But, no matter any others, with certainty, women sucked big time in 2016, big time.


And where were those Millennials?

They all sucked…

In no other previous election was the choice so clear, so specific, so basic as in 2016. In 2016 a card carrying, certified, woman, an accomplished, brilliant, experienced, professional individual, was pitted against an untrained, basically illiterate, callous, crude, misogynist, overweight, phony, insubstantial white man; and she lost as a 4% majority of her brethren voted against her, and for him; they blew it.

2016 election 2016 Election, Hillary Clinton, Basket of Deplorables 2016 Election, Trump, Misogyny, Women's vote 2016 Election, Trump, Women's vote


And big time.

Big time.

“But the times they are a changin…”


All of the current polls indicate that suburban women, and college educated women all over America (even those outside of the suburbs), are revolting from the Republican Party and El Trumpo himself. It’s as if they no longer want their pussy’s grabbed without explicit permission or their own control of their uteruses denied. It’s as if they are about to stop sucking.

          Misogyny, Trump 2016 election, women's vote


…who knows for sure if the sucking is gonna stop. If you watch the news, and see El Trumpo’s ubiquitous rallies… 

Women for Trump, 2016 election, Women for Trump, Misogyny, 2016 election

… you see all of those white women in the boonies of America cheering and hooting:


 … as their massive boobs, and fleshy butts, bob up and down along with their husbands oversized beer bellies and bulbous behinds…

Men For Trump, 2016 election, 2020 election


… in tandem to the bad, trite, rock music blaring in the background. Those ladies, they’s gonna stand by their men and keep sucking no matter what.

2020 election, choice, women for trump, consequences

 No matter what.


 So who really knows?



2020 election, vote blue, down ballot voting

It should only be so.

Five more days.