They Suck, Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell


Suck they do. 

Here we are, it’s over and they suck.

You Suck. They SuckThey do…


      You suck, they suck


The 2020 Election where The Donald suffered a humiliating, humbling and total defeat is très fi-nit-toe. Democrat Joe Biden got 306 Electoral College votes, the same number that the current Republican President Donald Trump did in his self-anointed:


…  Electoral College victory in 2016. But in The Donald’s mind what perfectly cooked his Republican electoral victory Goose in 2016 ain’t good enough to cook the Democratic electoral victory Gander 2020. From a press article in Rolling Stone on November 13, 2020:

"Biden on Pace for 306 Electoral College Votes, Matching What Trump Touted as a:

‘MASSIVE Landslide Victory' 

The irony, it burns..."

To this very day The Donald maniacally decries his 2020 defeat. To date The Donald has refused to concede the 2020 Election and his fall from power.

Donald Trump, They Suck

His followers and acolytes passionate in their support of their messiah as always, are delighted by The Donald’s behavior. The Donald has raised over $230,000,000 from his base since the election results were certified…


Those supporters suck!

There’s a lot of them those The Donald supporters and acolytes; so there’s a whole lotta sucking going on today.

They suck, stop the steal, 230,000,000 They suck, stop the steal, supporters, 230,000,000 They Suck, stop the steal,


Whole lotta…

$230,000,000 worth so far and 2020 ain’t over yet. 

Mercy me…

Republican President Donald J. Trump garnered 74,000,000 votes in 2020, 74,000,000. That’s more votes than ANY other person running for president has ever attained, except one; the one who beat him.

Donald Trump, 2020 election, 74,000,000

Over 81,000,000 people voted for Democrat Joe Biden; they chose to go:


Ridin' with Biden

 … rather than to experience any further American “Greatness” with The Donald.

Make America Great, 2020 election, Donald Trump, Greatness

But, 74,000,000 people, a HUGE number, did the dirty and pulled a lever (metaphorically sometimes), for The Donald so they, those 74,000,000 people, suck. Like I said up top:


They suck, 74,000,000 

Whole lotta.


I wish it stopped right there, with those 74,000,000 votes as that’s a lot of Americans standing up for a politician and his agenda (and sucking). That’s a humongous segment of the American population standing tall, as one unit, and exercising their civic duty by flocking to the polls on election day to give credence to their vision of the:

“American Dream”

… and their choice to lead America. 74,000,000 of them did that.


“Huge” as The Donald himself would say:


And all of them suck.

THEY SUCK, 74,000,000

But The Donald lost the 2020 election because a larger segment of America on election day and before, with legal mail in ballots, did their civic duty too, and stood tall to lend credence to their vision of the:

“American Dream”

… and their choice to lead America. And since there were over 7,000,000 more of them Democrat Joe Biden won the election.

81,000,000, Joe Biden, 2020 election

Democrat Joe Biden won.

He done won.



His voters did not suck.

Biden Voters 2020, Joe Biden, 2020 election

 But sadly, victory was his and his alone.


Biden rode to victory at the 2020 polls by hisself. He brought none of his “ranch hand” acolytes with him.

2020 election, Democratic Down Ballot Losses

Sad that.

In 2016 when The Donald defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton, The Donald was able to maintain a Republican Senate and House majority.

2016 Election, Republican Majorities 2016, Donald Trump

With those majorities and The Donald’s Republican presidential victory, mega changes to the third branch of government, the judicial branch, came about. And the Republican President, Senate and House majorities were able to institute broad systemic policy changes that had long been unobtainable before, like the conservative Judiciary just described. Broad attacks on civil rights, women’s rights, the Culture Wars in general,

Culture Wars

became de rigueur. Empowering the small, Caucasian mostly states over the big, heterogenous, populous states became a matter of daily policy.

 Small States against Populous States, Red States against Blue States, the Culture Wars

All of that sucked.


In the 2018 Midterm Elections a negative reaction against The Donald, his, and the policies of the Republican Party seemed to percolate forward and a purported Blue Wave of disdain propelled the Democrats to a midterm electoral victory of seeming landslide proportions in the House of Representatives.

Blue Wave, 2018 Midterm Elections             Blue Wave, 2018 Election  Blue Wave, 2018 Midterm Election



Those voters did not suck; not at all.

The victorious 2018 Midterm Election House Democrats worked hard going forward (to not suck), to stymie the nefarious, abhorrent, regressive, immoral Republican executive/legislative agenda as they attempted (without any success), to advance a societal legislative agenda of their own. 

2018 House Democrats, legislative proposals

… (I freely admit that I am in an unrepentant “Libtard”.







In the eyes of some I suppose I’m a  “RADICAL SNOWFLAKE”.  

Radical Snowflake




But neither description fits me accurately. I’m more of a Centrist Democrat, a moderate.

Centrist Democrats, Joe Biden

There are no radical calls to:

”Defund the Police”

Defund the police








… from me ever.

So “Libtard”, me?


I just hate Republican Tea Party, RACIST, Conservatives; those people suck. 


You suck

The Democrats in the new Democratic House majority failed at their task miserably. The House of Representatives under Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi failed abysmally at all they attempted.


They sucked.

Instead of opting for some commonality with the Republicans who controlled the Senate and the Executive Branch and moving forward with a legislative strategy built on compromise, Madame Pelosi and her Democratic Representatives embarked on an:

“All or Nothing”

 All or Nothing

… agenda to attack, derail, and disembowel the Republican President and his Republican controlled Senate at all turns. The Democratic House continually attacked The Donald through seemingly endless legislative investigations, instigated a doomed from the start impeachment process, and in general nixed any, I repeat, ANY, chance for the passage of their legislative agenda.

“All or Nothing”…

 All or Nothing

… positions rarely prove to be effective in American government.

And they weren’t effective this time.

For two years the government was locked in stasis as partisan legislative inertia ran rampant. Where The Donald could act alone, by personal fiat, through “Executive Orders”, or where the Senate could act on appointments for Cabinet, Supreme Court or other Judicial confirmations and the like, the President, and his conservative Republican Party got their way.


Those people, those policies, sucked!

The Democrats got way less than those sucky Republicans did, they got nothing but occasional headlines.


Headlines, 2018 House Democrats, Nancy Pelosi

The Democrats got nothing done legislatively and they couldn’t posit a universally acceptable message, one of “inclusion” and “change for the better for all” that the American people would accept; they failed at their job. They postured voluminously against their Republican enemies, and they accomplished nothing for themselves, or the people.


They sucked.

The American people watched all of the political jabberwocky above as it played out.  Articles of  Impeachment were passed in the House controlled by the Democrats.

TRUMP Impeached

The President was acquitted of those same Impeachment Articles shortly thereafter in the Senate...

Trump aquitted

... controlled by the Republicans. What hoary political theater that was; a badly penned, badly performed political play where everyone, cast, crew, critics, and opening night audience all new the outcome long before the curtain went up.




As the curtain fell on that bad play, a crisis of unprecedented magnitude, a pandemic, erupted and instead of the two Federal Legislative Houses, Senate and House, banding together with the President for the good of the whole, the three individual parts acted solely in their own perceived best interests.

Congressional Covid Relief Bill,


… (Yiddish for:

“You expected something different maybe?”) …

They all sucked.

As the crisis deepened the House passed a second relief bill of astronomical proportions that it knew could not pass the Senate. In response, the Senate passed a paltry second relief bill that it knew the House would not accept. The House would accept no less funds, and the Senate would allow no more funds.


And the President?


 “Missing In Action”

 Trump MIA, Trump Missing in action  Trump Missing in Action, Trum MIA, Trump Golfing  Trump MIA, Trump Missing In Action, Trump Golfing

(Obviously Trump was golfing...)

They all sucked… the entire government sucked. 

On schedule the election of 2020 was had and the results were as expected on some levels, and surprising on others. Soon we will have a new President, a Democrat...

 Biden, new President 2020

... along with a Democratic House.

2020 House Democrats

 Those results were expected. But, unexpectedly, SURPRISE, the Democratic LANDSLIDE majority in the House was reduced, and greatly. 


And the Senate, well, that’s surprise number two; we’re not sure of the results there yet. Control of the Senate is undecided pending the outcome of two runoff Senate races in Georgia on January 5, 2021.

Georgia Senate Runoff race January 5, 2021

Joe Biden carried the state of Georgia for president, but his Democratic Donkey didn’t carry either Democratic challenger to victory over the Republican incumbent in the Senate races. Thousands of his voters chose to vote for the Republican incumbents down ballot.



Millions of voters elsewhere in the country who went:



…. got off the Democratic Donkey and did not go “RIDIN” with the down ballot Democratic candidates in their areas too. It was not just a “sucking” Georgia voter phenomenon. Enough Biden voters split their tickets in Maine so that the embattled incumbent Republican Senator, Susan Collins...

Susan Collins victory, Maine

... considered to be the single most vulnerable Republican in the Senate, was re-elected (those voters in Maine sucked a big, big, one). And in California, a state that Biden won by HUGE numbers, many of those newly elected 2018 Blue Wave Democratic incumbents were sent packing as their Republican challengers triumphed.

California Democrats

Those California Biden voters sucked too.


It ain’t just 74,000,000 people who suck, it’s many millions more nationwide. It’s lo those many people who wanted to see The Donald dethroned, but the Republican Party, and what it stands for, empowered.

You suck, Donald Trump. 2020 election

And they suck.

You Suck, 2020 Election, Donald Trump 




You Suck, 2020 ELection, Donald trump

Like I said before:


You Suck, 2020 election, Donald Trump

They suck.

All of them.