Rge Fat Lady, Donald Trump, Attack on the Capitol


The Fat Lady is silenced.




Circumstances are such that The Fat Lady is off stage sulking at her winter retreat...

Mar-A-Lago, Donald Trump, the fat lady, winter retreat

... and somewhat incommunicado as she licks her wounds and ponders her next moves. Her last move did not play out well; not well at all. It seems that inviting your acolytes, sycophants, and fans into the well of the Opera House...

The Capitol insurrection, Donald Trump, the fat lady

... to reap anarchy and destruction in the name of a contract extension did not play well with the Management or the many devotees of the artform that were not in The Fat Lady’s artistic camp.

Nancy Pelosi, Capitol Riots, Donald Trump Donald Trump, Capitol Riots Mitch McConnell, the Fat Lady, Donald Trump
The uproar that The Fat Lady’s call to fandom arms garnered...
Donald Trump, the fat Lady, Capitol Ropt Speech
... and the ensuing actual destruction to the physical plant of the Opera House itself perpetrated by those enraged fans so alarmed Management that they attempted to cancel her remaining contract and moved to deny her all future access to the theater, and if possible, to the very artform itself.
Capitol Riot, the fat lady, Donald Trump Capitol Riot, the fat lady, Donald Trump Capito riot, Donald Trump, the fat lady
It doesn’t stop there, with the management of the theater, either. All of the media outlets that previously played The Fat Lady’s material in abundance have removed her from their playlists. The Fat Lady’s previously adoring legions of admirers have been reduced to her ardent, but still numerous, hard core followers too. Her fringe fans have deserted her in droves.
Like she’s a pariah.
Donald Trump, Capitol Riots, the fat lady 


Legal action against The Fat Lady is being contemplated. Serious legal action at that. The authorities are actively looking for the perps who rampaged through the Opera House in her name, and those same powers that be are looking hard at all of the rallying words sung out loudly by The Fat Lady before the rampage to see if those words sung by The Fat Lady are words of criminal incitement, or worse.


Capitol Riot, Donald Trump, the fat lady 


What The Fat Lady did was deemed by Management to be an attempt to:


Capitol Riot, the fat lady, Donald Trump Capitol Riot, Donald Trump, the fat lady Capitol Riot, DOnald Trump. the fat lady
… to ring a death knell for the artform as we know it. And The Fat Lady’s followers were willing to kill for her demands. 

  The fat Lady, Violence, Capitol riot  Capitol Riots, violence 

These events did not play well with the media or the general public at large.

Capitol Riots, the fat lady, Donald Trump  Capitol RIots, Donald TrumpCapitol Riots, Donald Trump, the fat lady

Not well at all.


Ok now…


So much for sarcastic, artsy, metaphors; I’ll stop the silly stuff and cut right to the bone.


To the bone... Capitol riots

Truth to tell, no metaphors are needed here, perhaps no humor should even be attempted as this ain’t a “Ha-Ha” on any level. Sedition, insurrection, overthrow of our American Democracy by means of violence is not something that should be addressed in little sarcastic parables no matter how accurate, or on point, the parable is. What took place on January 6, 2021 was horrifying ...

Capito; Riot, Donald Trump Capitol Riot, DOnald Trump Capitol Riot, Donald Trump

... and bone chilling, as it went down in both what it represented as a specific event and as a representation of how American Society has been torn asunder by the power hungry forces of evil on the right of the Republican Party.

In the early 1950’s Senator Joe McCarthy...

Joe McCarthy, Nativism, Negative Politics

... first traded in nativism, negativism and division for the creation and maintenance of personal power. All was done then in the name of a common enemy (“Communism”)...

Joseph McCarthy, Communism

... and to maintain a “greater good” and theological purity under God. McCarthy laid the groundwork for modern negative campaigning and governance then. Until 1954 when the Republican establishment, quietly led by President Dwight D. Eisenhower ...

Dwight D. Eisenhower

... rebelled against him, McCarthy garnered great success and mucho personal power.

Richard Nixon...

Joseph McCarthy, Richard Nixon

... Vice President to President Eisenhower later took McCarthy’s methods and utilized them in his successful presidential campaigns of 1968 and 1972. In so doing Nixon cemented McCarthy’s legacy, his bag of tricks, into the Republican Party’s firmament. Even though the “Tricky Dicky” Nixon scandal ridden 1972 presidency was truncated, terminated early... 

Richard Nixon

... Nixonian (McCarthy inspired) politics flourished within the Republican Party evermore after that. For 50 years, right on through to today, the Culture Wars have ensued because of them.

Culture Wars

McCarthy initiated, and “Tricky Dicky” Nixon cemented, a coalition between the “Cloth Coat Republican Party” of yore and the great mass of frightened, change averse, contemporary Caucasian Americans aptly named by Nixon then (and still apropos today), the:


Richard Nixon, Silent Majority Speech RichardNixon, Silent majority Speech Donald Trump, Silent majority



And well…

Here we are today.

Capitol Riot, Silent majority, Donald Trump, the Fat lady


Oh my…


At 1:05 p.m. in the afternoon of January 6th, 2021 the Congress (House and Senate, with Vice President Pence presiding), convened in the Capitol to count and formulaically certify the already state certified electoral, state and federal court approved, 2020 election results. This Constitutionally mandated gathering would officially, formally, verify once and for all that Joe Biden would be the next, 46th, President of the United States to be inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

Pelosi, Pence, 2020 Election vote certification

An hour earlier, at just about noon, Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, AKA (also known as), The Fat Lady, went to a fully legal, permit issued, “Stop the Steal”,  rally at the Ellipse, near the White House, blocks from the Capitol...

Vote Certification, Stop the Steal rally, Capitol riot

...and in the course of a one hour address to the crowd assembled there incited the participants to:

“Take Back the Government”.

Capitol RIot, Trump Mob, Donald Trump, Take back the Government

I won’t go into the details of the speech, but suffice it to say that The Fat Lady did sing out long and hard, and her acolytes and fans present at the rally rose up en masse to do her vocalized bidding. The results of that uprising were devastating to the physical plant of the Capitol building as doors were broken down, windows were smashed, fixtures were defaced and stolen, and a legal guardian died of injuries inflicted that day.  

Capitol RIot. DOnald Trump

Cries of:


... (the Vice President of the United States)…

 Hang Mike Pence, Capitol Riot, the fat lady

… and other threats of physical harm to different lawmakers present, indeed, trapped...

Hang Mike Pence, Capitol Riots, Violence Capito Riots, Violence, Hang Mike Pence the Capitol building were heard and recorded, and pictured, by media representatives intermixed (working), with the rioters. It was a scene out of a very bad opera. It was a scene in an opera that would never have been booked to play in any American Opera House, but only in the Opera Houses of dictatorial nations worldwide. Things like this had never happened in America before, and to many in power they were unimaginable, unfathomable events.

Capitol RIot

Except the unfathomable, the unimaginable, happened; it did happen here.


The Fat Lady actively helped to bring the event, the opera described above, to fruition.

Donald Trump at the Capitol RIot, incitement

And she certainly starred in it. (It’s obvious that I’ve gone back to the sarcastic parable of before; so be it.) To put it mildly, theater Management was not happy at what had just gone down. Immediately after the building was secured, Management convened to confirm that The Fat Lady was indeed terminated at the very beginning of the next opera as written, planned, previously scheduled, and produced. For the present The Fat Lady was done in that Theater, but now Management actively discussed how to block her from ever coming back to the Theater in a starring role again.

 Nancy Pelosi, the Fat Lady Banned, Donald Trump Impeached a second time

The thing is that all of The Fat Lady’s legions of fans are still a factor of importance to many members of Management.

Trump FInancial Support, Trump Money Trump financial support Trump financial support

Those fans represent a very large segment of the audience and they buy a lot, a whole big bunch, of expensive seats; so what of them? And what of The Fat Lady’s empowered acolytes, those people who benefit from her control over her fanbase. The continued fan base financial support of The Fat Lady was the acolytes financial support too. Those acolytes...

Donald Trump, Acolytes, Supporters, Fans

...solely derived their financial livelihood, and their power over the institution, from the loyal support of The Fat Lady’s fans.



POWER, DOnald Trump, the Republican party 2020


For the moment, at least for today, The Fat Lady is silenced.

All of the mainstream media has focused on her successor...

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Inaugaration

... and the restoration of the Theater...

Capitol Restoration

... the very institution, that was defiled. Mucho attention is currently being paid to the revivification of artform itself. 

Capitol Restoration

And that is a good thing as the artform is timeless and must be preserved at all costs even as popular tastes in leading talents ebbs and flows; the institution must be preserved. 

After years of mainstream media glorification many in the media have deprived The Fat Lady of exposure.

Media Comapnies

Based on what she participated in on January 6th, 2020, and the danger it perpetrated to the core of the artform, all but the fringe media, the very far, way out there fringe, have denied her a platform on which to perform. But there are present day reports, rumors, (dark rumors at that), that some mainstream platforms are reconsidering their ban...

facebook logo
... and there are other rumors that the Fat Lady will begin an in person comeback tour soon.
Oh my…


Who the Hell does The Fat Lady...
The Fat Lady, Donald Trump 
... think she is?



Will this performance never end?

 The Fat Lady, Donald Trump

But for the moment The Fat Lady is silent.


As that old saying from way back goes:

“Silence is golden…”

Silence is Golden, Donald Trump


Silence is Golden, DOnLD TRUMP


May it continue evermore…