The Fat Lady Has Sung, 2020 Election



It ain't.

S'not over at all...

The states counted all of their votes, declared statewide winners, recounted the tally where necessary, verified all of the counts, in some cases triple verified the winner, and the Electoral College voted, finally, with much pomp and formality...

2020 Electoral College Map, Biden Victory


... to certify Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

Biden Win, Trump loss, 2020 election    Biden Win, Trump Loss, 2020 election    Biden Win, Trump loss, 2020 election


It's over, Joe Biden is to be inaugurated on January 20th, 2021. All is proceeding today just as it was written in the Constitution while following the precedents of our 200 plus year-old democracy and our traditions of peaceful transfers of power and domestic authority.


Those forms, those formalities, coming to pass are good things, very good things, as for a while it looked like it might not go down that way. For a long bit of time after the election it looked like things could play out differently; there certainly was a lot of drama then, a whole lot of drama.


DONALD TRUMP, Opera, 2020 Post Election


The thing is…

… (and it’s a big thing too) …

… that over 74,000,000 people voted for the losing candidate, Donald J. Trump, and they, and The Donald, refused to concede the election before, and even after, the Electoral College had certified...

Stop the Steal, 2020 Election  Stop the Steal, 2020 election  2020 presidential election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden,

... the verified state votes, and the winner. Those 74,000,000 voters, and The Donald cried:


Stop the steal, 202 election, election fraud  Stop the Steal, 2020 election  Stop the Steal, 2020 election

… then, and now, as they continue to question the veracity of the individual state vote counts.

Many bogus, ill thought out, lawsuits were filed by The Donald's surrogates in an attempt to overturn the results, to overthrow the will of the people in the states The Donald lost.

2020 Trump Election Lawsuits

There was no consistency to the arguments posited in those bogus lawsuits, no truth to their claims of fraud, no legal basis for the courts to overturn the various state election results, none. So the State Courts at all levels, and the Federal Courts at all levels, including Supreme, threw every case presented to them out.


Donald Trump, 2020 Lawsuits,

... no major case was decided in The Donald's favor.


DONALD TRUMP, 2020 election

The Donald and his surrogates raised partisan passions high during the election, to a fever pitch actually. And what great value that partisan passion had as 74,000,000 plus votes were garnered by The Donald. And those votes had serious down ballot consequences. Even though The Donald lost the presidential election, the Republican Party went on to victory in all of the down ballot state government legislative houses they previously controlled, and the Republican Party won most of the Senate contests they had been favored to lose. Contrary to expectations the Republican Party also gained seats in the House of Representatives where they were expected to lose a whole big bunch of seats.

2020 Election, Republican Victories


Pre-election projections were that the Grand Old Party was poised to be routed overall in 2020, soundly defeated, to be set back for a political generation, or more, nationwide in the defeat of The Donald. 2020 was projected to be a Republican debacle at the polls.


But nah.


It did not play out that way.

True, The Donald bit the big one in the 2020 election, gloriously (and humiliatingly), he lost. But the Republicans weren’t defeated at the state level, and not locally; au contraire, they were victorious.


Republican Down Ballot Victory 2020


And their losing candidate, Donald J. Trump


… in losing the 2020 election The Donald got over 74,000,000 people to vote for him. The Donald got more votes than any other American presidential candidate, ever, except for the one who beat him in this election.

74,000,000 Americans voted for Donald J. Trump the loser in 2020; 74,000,000.


The Republican loss of the presidency was a big victory of sorts for the Republican Party. Because of that huge, 74,000,000, vote count the presidency was ALL they lost. The fascist, divisive, demagogue, The Donald, at the helm of the Republican ticket was defeated sure, but the Republican Party core reprobate, white, middle-class, ethnic purity, anti-civil liberties, silent majority supporter, Culture Warrior, candidates prevailed locally, and statewide. Republican Party stalwarts Susan Collins, Thom Tillis, Joni Ernst, all supposedly endangered Senate incumbents, and numerous Republican House challengers triumphed nationwide. As before, just like with the results of the 2016 election, the Republican Party in 2020 controls political decision making in over 90% of the American county land mass (localities).

Republican County Control,  Republican Land mass control,
It is true that the Democratic Party controls 26 Governorships (through gains made in the “blue wave” election of 2018), and the presidency, but the Democrats did not gain control of even one new state legislature in 2020; not one.


The 2020 election was not a good political result for the Democrats.



Yes, the Democrats won the presidency. But the Democrats have no viable path to govern effectively in 2021.

Biden Victory, 2020 election

The Democrats garnered no mandate in the 2020 popular vote even as 81,000,000 people voted for their presidential candidate. Those same 81,000,000 people certainly did not embrace the down ticket vision of the Democratic Party as many of those 81,000,000 presidential voters took their votes away from the Democratic Senate, House, and local candidates to empower their Republican adversaries, nationwide, again.

It’s obvious that the country voted against the Democrats and their vision for America.

GOP America, Republican Local Control



90% of the American landmass voted for the status quo giving local political control to the Republican Party again. With likely, continued, Republican control of the Senate (pending the outcome of the two Georgia Senate race runoffs in January), under “Senator No”, Mitch McConnell...

Mitch McConnell
... the reduced Democratic Party majority in the House of Representatives (and the vociferous rift between the “Progressive” left of center Democrats...

Democratic Left, AOC, Democratic House Members Progressives

... and the moderate, centrist (dare I say: “right”), wing of the Democratic Party)...

Nancy Pelosi, Moderate wing Democrats

... there ain’t gonna be no outpouring of universally agreed upon legislation emanating from Washington.

Ain’t happ’ninn.


To the victors go the spoils, and boy is everything spoilt.

To the victor go the spoils... VICTORY


 And “we the people” must deal with stasis and gridlock again.

 … (As everything around us starts to stink from being spoilt.) …

SPOILT,  Biden Transition

But that’s the desired drill apparently as some 74,000,000 Americans voted directly for DONALD J. Trump to be president a second time. That’s 74,000,000 Americans who believed that The Donald was the leader that America needed in these times of crisis.

DONALD TRUMP. 2020 Election,


They voted for The Donald to be our leader again.

I repeat…

74,000,000 people voted for Donald J. Trump – more Americans voted for Trump in this “crisis” election than for any other man who has ever run for the presidency, except one...

Joe Biden, the one who beat him, Donald Trump

... the one who beat him. And countless more Americans, who did not vote for Donald J. Trump, voted in this time of “crisis” to keep in office the down ballot Republican cohorts who enabled The Donald for the four years he was in power as he perverted the truth, American democracy, and many of the existing legal, cultural, political, and media norms cherished by our society.

“Alternative facts” anyone?

Alternative Facts  Alternative Facts, Lies, Donald Trump  Ayernative Facts, Fake News, Lies, Donald Trump


Or are those “alternative facts” the new Republican Party definitions of the truth?

Alternative Truths. Donald Trump, Republican Party, lies  ALternative Facts, Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie, Lies, Republican PartyAlternative facts, Lies, Donald Trump, Republican party
… in 2020 74,000,000 people who voted for Donald J. Trump for president and some additional millions of Joe Biden presidential voters returned to power the existing Republican “old guard” cabal, and anointed new Republican disciples of “alternative facts” to govern over America in 2021.
Republican local control, Republican electoral victory 2020
It’s obvious to me that it was the electoral intent of those combined voters to thwart the goals and aspirations of the only man to ever get more votes in a presidential election than Donald J. Trump. It’s as if Donald J. Trump, the man, and what he stood for, was rejected by those 7,000,000 or so “additional voters”, but his enablers, the Republican Party itself, was rewarded.  


Like I said before: 

"To The Victor Go the Spoils"

To The Victor Go The Spoils

And the victor, Joe Biden, and the Democratic Party, his enablers, they were not embraced, rewarded, or empowered by those voters. Indeed the Democrats were hamstrung by the split down ballot votes of the 2020 election and would appear to be doomed to legislative failure from the get-go.

                       To the victor go the spoils 

The get-go…

 To The Victor go the spoils


But there’s more…


The Donald is not done with America just yet. The Fat Lady has sung, but The Donald has not left the stage. The opera is over, the curtain has come down, but The Donald, even in ignominious defeat has not taken his final bow. More so, The Donald is claiming that he shall seek a return to the stage.

Donald Trump 2024, defeat 2020, candidacy
The Donald claims he will star in another performance; an encore presidency I suppose.
Donald Trump 2024Donald Trump 2024  Donald Trump 2024
And while he awaits this next entrance Donnie J. is working hard not to leave the stage at all.
Donnie J. is doing his damnedest to stay dead center stage and in the spotlight.
Donald Trump in the spotlight,


His 74,000,000 voters are not only still enabling him (just like the Republican Party he nominally heads does), but they are rapturously supporting him with campaign funds. So far those 74,000,000 people have donated $130,000,000 dollars into Donnie J’s campaign coffers for supposed legal challenges to the 2020 election and for a new campaign for the 2024 Republican Presidential Nomination.

Yes, those 74,000,000 voters would like to empower Donnie J. for another four years as president.

 Trump 2024.  Trump 2024   Trump 2020. Trump 2024

$130,000,000 so far…


The Fat Lady has sung… the curtain has fallen, it’s over, this opera, finally.

The Fat Lady Sung, The Fat Lady, Opera

Except it’s not.

Donnie J. has just raised $130,000,000 for his use from the 74,000,000 people who vociferously support him. Whether he runs for the presidency again or not those monies will allow Donnie to be a bigtime player, if not a star, front and center on the American stage.

           Donald Trump, the Fat Lady

Those monies, and the adoration of 74,000,000 voters may even leave him in control of the Republican Party as the Republican Party controls local America.



The Fat Lady has sung… and it ain’t over.

            The Fat Lady Has Sung, The Fat Lady


It just sucks.